HFBC: How long did it take you?

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  1. I was actually a SH for a while too and I spent 1.5trill converting from an EB build into a tank.
  2. I was HLBC for 29 days. Then HF came out. I then said who cares
  3. 2 months
  4. Congrats Draxton!
  5. Awesome thread very well wrote i remeber pwars and the begining of ebs and start of ee HEARD THERES even more land comeing out
  6. Congrats Buddy. It's well deserved.
  7. You could have gotten to the center of a tootsie roll pop much sooner !
  8. Thanks everyone.

    And yes I know I could have gotten to the point faster, but I felt like telling a story today.
  9. Almost 3 years and still not there. I know when I do the Devs will release new lands. So I fall into the who cares category. Congrats though for your achievement. 
  10. Draxton2 is an awesome guy who knows how to play kaw and make forum post.

    If he would have just made a lazy thread, it would bring a backlash of comments, instead he told a story and a good one, which brought forth positive feedback and comments.

    Amazing op Drax!

    I will always remember out talks in Foxes, mostly when I went to you to learn about how much BFA would calculate to if you were to add it up to your cs.

    Smart player, good fighter, and someone who is driven by goals.

    Drax, want help with allies though, feel free to ask mate, though I am positive you already know everything I currently know about them.

    Anyways mate, hope to see you find love in OSW again, would be nice fighting along side you again - without the drama that occurred at Foxes, just over a year ago.

    Happy Kawing mate.
  11. Are you hoarfrost land complete or built complete?
  12. I will be HFBC about a year after the next lands are released lol
  13. I literally just finished hl, but still there's the next level that the damn devs added.
  14. Immortal:

    Fully build complete. Everything purchased and maxed out.
  15. Took me a little over 2.5 years.
  16. Taken me over 4 years for this so I'm assuming another 20
  17. Congrats drax !! Glad to see you do so well lately!
  18. If this thread is around in another 2 years, ill check back in and let you know if i made it or not...