Hey, Android Mage...we need to talk.

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  1. To start off, "Hey forums- been awhile. Have you lost lost weight? You're looking pretty slim these days"

    But that's maybe a discussion for another day. Right now, I feel the need to be a newb. Ive got the perspective, as a lot of things have changed since I played this game seriously. For real, now we're decorating and appeasing our hoarding problem by filling our cellars with charms.

    This is all cool, and I can get behind the idea of it all. Any new player can see that charms help give some stats (sometimes even more than a single Spragga build could offer).

    My issue is in turning your old equipment into charms. Makes sense on a practical level- but, how do you even do so? I asked more people than I'd like to admit about how to go about doing so. Their answers? "Swipe left"

    Cool. Swipe left. Where? On the equipment screen? How about the enchanting screen? No? The main mage page? Oops that didn't work either.

    I check the FaQ about Enchanting. Oops, my mistake. It hasn't been touched since 2012.

    Turns out- at least on an Android- they you need to swipe left in a very specific spot. The text box reading "The mage can enchant your equipment with elemental magic of Aqua and Inferno. choose the one you'd like to enchant"

    How exactly does this help me figure out how to transmute my equipment?

    Add a "Transmute Equipment" button?
    Maybe a "Swipe left to Transmute equipment" text box?
    Make it an option from inside the showcase?
    Put it in the FaQ?
    Update it with the tutorial? (haha as if the tutorial will ever get updated)

    Just a heads up- If you reply with a waving flag gif, I'm blocking you.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling.
  2. Go to mage, the bar right under aqua/inferno count and swipe
  3. Support. Theres a lot of old kaw players who come back on to kaw and dont know how to do all of this if it isnt obvious
  4. People can ask in World Chat like they usually do and get the answer.
  5. The original purpose of "hiding" this feature was to prevent people from accidentally finding the transmutation page and permanently transmuting a bunch of equip without knowing what they were doing. I'm not sure how relevant that is now, but there was at least at first a good reason for it.
  6. Hey that makes sense, besides the giant warning about "do you know what you're doing?" But is "ask someone else" really their best way of informing you about a feature?

    Its already not accessible to anyone without a lv3 castle. Or hide it behind a lv 4 castle if you wanna get sneaky.
  7. To be fair, a lot of people play this game and are relatively uninformed about what's going on. "Ooo, transmuting my best equip must make it even better" type
  8. Sure. Ill grant that might happen once or twice. I don't see how hiding the information is better, but ok. Also ignoring how it doesnt make currently equipped stuff an option. Even if that did happen, it's only a couple weeks and youll have a shinier set again anyway.

    I appreciate you playing Devil's advocate :)
  9. I’m all for it. Granted I have no equipment to transmute but hey why not
  10. Small thing you forgot.. The charms dont do anything.
  11. Great thread, the information is here in the forums somewhere, I couldn't figure out how to do it a while back and I think I used the search option and trawled through a good few posts before I found the "swipe this exact spot" post.

    I definitely agree with making it a lot easier to find!

    Edit: found the post titled "Showcase" on which Mei commented:

    I haven't done much more research to see if there is a dev post or mod post about it, but this was about the 7th post in the search results so it would be great to have it in more official places!
  12. Hey thanks! I had done my own research trying to find it using keywords like "charms" and "equipment" with the common dev authors like Castor and Bruce- but after not finding anything affer 15 mins of searching (probably more effort than your average newb would put in) I figured the info was too obscure to be of any actual help.
  13. Thanks for the post, I had no idea that's how it worked.
  14. I'm gonna go ahead and agree bn this and also say I NVR even knew about this
  15. I had to ask too bro, dont feel bad lmao
  16. Support for this. It is such a weird and unclear way of accessing the feature.
  17. Devs should just update the game in general. A good support team would scour the forums like hounds looking for bugs and asking players to provide more detail. Do you see that? No. Do devs give a ****? No.
  18. Lol my attempts at getting to the trasmution page is swipe left as much as I can around the top bar.

    Sometimes works right away, sometimes takes 30 times.
  19. Seen few of these before, put together by some fanboi with too much time on their hands about a year ago. Looks like they gave up on it pretty quick.

    ....why arnt you devs doing something like this?