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  1. Now that I know his old name I do know him, didn't know he had become a mod and changed his name since I left.
  2. Sup ghoomba Long time no see bud
  3. You didn't know me but I started foruming when you and bastion had that weird thing. I heard you joined the army?
  4. Wait, what?
  5. I remember you martyn you weren't that new when I left :p and that was no weird thing. That was unwarranted beef over several reasons I won't go into. And I was set to go to recruit training for marines when I graduated high school but I took my scholarships and such instead and went to school so I could stay with my girlfriend.
  6. Do you feel old? I was in middle school when I started playing this and I just graduated highschool. It's crazy how much can change in a few years
  7. I was a freshman in high school, and now I'm a senior in high school. Time flies way too fast.
  8. No I don't feel old because I'm not, just older than I was. Really wish I had known then what I know now or I would've done that instead of trying to maintain what I had. I need some changes haha. It's cool coming back and talking to all the kids I was friends with when we're all adults now though
  9. Yea, learning is a part of growing up. With every step you learn something that could have helped you in the last. I did a lot of stupid things as a teenager that weren't very smart :p What are you going to college for?
  10. I started playing this game when I was 15 and now I'm 3 months away from 21 lol. Ghoomba we need to find a way to bring Nikki back.
  11. Don't we all. Yes indeed.
  12. I dont think I knew you before but welcome back o_O
  13. Welcome back Ghoomba!
  14. Welcome back to the kaw world
  15. Started as a sophomore in high school and now ima be a junior in college
  16. Sorry to butt in, but I doubt that Nikki is truly gone. It's hard to get ahold of her these days. Sadness.
  17. A lot of people I ain't seen in a long time