Help will alway be given to those who ask for it at Hogwarts

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  1. I noticed you didn’t mention mods or devs deleting forum posts they don’t like or agree with.

    And we wonder why this place is a ghost town?
  2. Try posting questions like these in Dillybar’s “Post Questions Here” thread.
  3. Damn son no tickets since 2017?
  4. You need to charge your phone, it's at 30%...
  5. Can mods help with non-KaW related problems?
  6. How much plunder bonus will the lamp of destiny give the clan and for how long?
  7. I mean, sure, if we want to. You can ask any player in KaW for miscellaneous life advice, though be careful of who you choose to listen to.

    10% for the duration of the eb it is used during.
  8. How do I get the fatesands crest shards? Which ebs drop them? ???
  9. Nk, noth, goth, lotl, zta, hte, and rotwb. They each drop artifacts, which automatically open into crest shards. 5 shards automatically combine into one plate.
  10. hey moody come back we all miss you
  11. What kind of equipment is volatile Ash used on?
  12. This isn't the question thread, this is a post about moderators and what we do. That being said volatile ash can be used on the blaze undying ring from zta
  13. I haven't gotten any fatesands crest shards in the past 5 goth and Noth eb is it a glitch or am I missing something?
  14. Just bad RNG luck. Sometimes you go for long dry spells of no shards, sometimes you get many in a row.
  15. Bump this to help more players
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