Help will alway be given to those who ask for it at Hogwarts

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  1. Howdy folks!

    Moody here to provide you with a quick guide of how to get support from A Thinking Ape for any kaw related problem that you may have!

    To clarify I just want to remind you all what moderators can and cannot do.
    * Moderators are volunteers that moderate the chat channels and forums to make sure that players stick to the Terms and Conditions of the game!
    * Moderators silence players for breaking those rules which ramp up from
    24hrs -> 7 days -> One month -> Permanent.
    * This all scales based on the speed at which you break the rules. For example a 24hr silence is wiped clean after a month. This information can all be found here.

    Moderators can not undo silences. We simply cannot do it.
    We also cannot change player names or fix anything to do with the game.
    If we see anything that fits under those categories then we report to the support team at ATA like all other players and to do that, you can send tickets in following the below instructions:

    How to get Developer Support

    On iDevice you can get to the ticket system by pressing the help button on the bottom left of the home screen as shown below:

    Or on android located in the same place as below but is an ape with a headset:

    You can then start a conversation or a ticket with a member of the support staff at ATA by pressing the big clear "start ticket" or "start conversation" on android and iPhone respectively as shown below:

    ATA will auto-generate you a ticket number and aim to respond to tickets within 48 hours so do hold tight!

    You can only have one ticket open at a time at time of writing as well so don't be concerned that you can't spam them :shock:

    Hope that's provided some clarity on this newfangled system now that we're living in a post-email, post-truth, pro-FakeNews world!

    Special shout out to ModSpock for the screenshots of sucky android!

    Cheers all!
  2. Clickbait title 0/10
  3. So, how long from time of 30 day silence til I'm back @24h ones?
  4. @kitty, your answers can be found here
  5. Awesome job! Should help a lot of people.
  6. I think your title has a typo 
  7. Thx Moody for the helpful thread, thumbs up
  8. Excellent thread, Moody.

    It appears you've fully grasped what it means to be a moderator.

  9. Agree. A little dissapointed
  10. I did this once.

    On GaW.

    And FC.

    Was sticky.

    You took my idea.

  11. It does but it didn't fit :p was the best of a bad bunch.

    Click bait title actually wasn't intended, just thought it was a witty way of saying "How to contact the devs"

    My apologies for disappointing you both
  12. No they dont. Or at least you don't. You let harrasment go on and on. Despite the very clear rules in TOU.

    Proud of yourself?

  13. Please, if you see evidence of the mods not doing their jobs, use the directions in this thread to contact a developer. Posting that here accomplishes nothing.
  14. I use that gecko button so much I think you'll get tired of
  15. Click bait poor
  16. Furnishings. What? How? Where do I see the rules?
  17. Where can I find build types like hybrid vs spy build types vs att build type vs turtle build type?