Help me make a safer world! Please for the children!

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  1. True, but how does permits ensure the right people receive utensils.
  2. Always set the bar at yourself.
  3. Lol this argument wasn't convincing on the other thread. Doubt it would be convincing much here.

    1. Handling a spoon is nowhere as dangerous as handling a gun.

    2. Spoons are not designed to kill, guns are.

    3. You're all or nothing. You equate the mere regulation of guns to the all-out banning of them.

    4. Utensils are required for everyday life. Guns are just a hobby.
  4. Watch out! Troll is gathering a zombie apocalypse militia! Hide your spoons, they will confiscate them and use them for manufacturing guns. ;)
  5. No way you're taking my fork from me, bro. And you're stupid. If you try to take our utinsels, we will just find another way to get fat. We will use our hands. We will use shovels. We will use whatever we can get our hands on to keep eating.

    You're so dumb, OP. You can't control utinsels. It's pointless. Utinsels don't kill people, people kill people. Get it right, idiot :roll:
  6. Frog

    Millions of people die yearly from obesity, thousands die from being shot. Obviously utensils are a greater danger on a massive scale.
  7. To put it in perspective multiple posters in this thread statistically will die from obesity while none will die from gun violence.

  8. Actually no. What percentage of people hold a gun in their hands in a daily basis?

    It is estimated at a gun kills a person one out of every 1200 times it is used. You think a spoon kills someone every 1200 times it is used? Lol
  9. Deaths from utensils are not as abrupt as from the discharge of a firearm.

    However assuming the 1:5 deaths of people associated with obesity used utensils on a regular basis, they are more deadly on a longterm scale.

    I am not sure on the merit of your 1:1200 statistic and don't think it to be true. I will look into it out of pure curiosity. However the real worldwide killers are utensils.
  10. I also would like for companies that sell utensils to be liable for deaths caused by them. They are practically murders themselves.
  11. Well just to give a slightly serious response to this fail troll.
    The first record of a spoon comes from king Edwards records in 1259.
    It is thought Egyptians had them first. Possibly up to 1000bc.
    Forks go back another 1000 plus year. And knives since flint in the Stone Age. Broken flint is actually sharper than a surgeons scalpel if done correctly.
    So you again are not progressive enough.
    People have fed themselves for years without utensils.
    You must treat this problem seriously.
    Cut off their hands.
    By default that will also stop anyone pulling a trigger.
    See much simpler solution.
  12. You joke about the deaths of people caused by utensils. Care to say that to the face of a victim?
  13. This is why grizzy is my favorite forumer. He knows
  14. Thank you troll for pointing out an argument for gun control. Obesity is indeed a problem, and we can't stop every case of obesity. However, we can regulate food, require lists of ingredients, ban certain compounds and chemicals, and make restaurants and supermarkets register, get licenses, and carry insurance. When one of these places is lax about their food controls, they can become the subject of a lawsuit, even if the food has to be traced back to the manufacturer.

    As a nation, we have started to realize that obesity is a problem, and we are putting together common-sense regulations to reduce the epidemic, yet protect people who are responsible with food.

    Great analogy! Just imagine if we were to do the same thing with guns.
  15. Tell me king, how will any of that help lower obesity? You can list ingredients and ban compounds all you want, but it's the spoon putting the food in your mouth that makes you obese.
  16. We don't need gun control we need bullet control.

    We don't need utensil control we need food control.
  17. Seems to me that it would be faster and easier to eat if you're shoving the food into your mouth with your hands, rather than taking the time to get it into said utensil.

    Might as well cut everyone's hands off.
  18. Or their mouth :)
  19. Unfortunately permanently disfiguring the human population isn't a viable option.