help from the kawmunity

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by quigamalathedestroyer, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Hi uglies,

    Listen up I need your help and trust me what's good for me is good for your sister. Back to topic..I need all the chests in kaw so I can hold the devs to ransom. Not sure what I'll do with my new found powers maybe demand money, modship or whatever, but if I have all the chests players can't spend to open them!

    Genius isn't it! A chest for me is like a vote for trump

  2. orrrr we could not and this could get locked
  3. I need Royal Rim Chests myself, anybody wanna trade them feel free to follow me
  4. These two will be the first to get perma banned
  5. Quiga4mod?
  6. Supreme leader is better ;)
  7. I quit at “Hi uglies”

    obviously you won’t get what you ask

    School will help you learn to be a positive force in society.

    Please go to school, let your mind open and accept the knowledge that will flow like a sparkling river into the void.
  8. Damn, boring! Obviously you don’t sniff all the ket at events.