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  1. Abbreviations

    Zt - zero troops

    Zs - zero spies

    Fb - full bar

    X - xtal

    W - window

    Gt - glitched troops

    Gs - glitched spies

    D - dive

    Cr - clan rank

    Wr - war roaster

    Inc - incoming hits

    Ass - assassinate

    Atk - attack

    Sct - scout

    Stl - steal


    How to report inc

    First of all we do not care how much you leak, whoever your wc is just needs to know because they will try and counter it and want to know if anyone over extends so they can make a move.

    Before war starts scan their clan members and familiarise yourself with names and their clan rank, if their 4 attacks you 2 success and 2 fails you would report inc 4 2/4 attack, your first bar is always how much success and the second is how much inc you received, the same goes with outgoing, if you attack someone 3 times and get success twice you report 2/3 atk


    Basic Tracking

    Indi - 10 minute set ko’s, if cr 2 goes down post on ally chat 2, anyone who goes down post their number, keep sweeping between the chats and when it reaches @9 post on clan chat 2@9:15 which gives you a 15 second window from it posting on ally chat then back to clan chat so you dont need to rush.

    Kingdom and allies only, lowland and kingdom and allies only NO DTW/DTS are all 5-10 minute wars so tracking in these wars will be the same, familiarise yourself with clan names and ranks then its just simple rotation, anyone @5 on clan chat is now in window so you add their cr onto the list, if they go down just rotate it out

    If you ever have any questions ask away anytime except during war and only cast if you can stay active for 60 minutes 🥃
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  2. What does "bigdog u useless prick stop casting" mean?
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  3. it means follow wc and don’t go inactive
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