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  1. Nope deni, it means I need to hire you as a translator
  2. Oh. Well damn. Cause I did play PIMD for a while. And by a while, I meant 3-4 weeks. 2 weeks, I spent in a top 10 club cause my pupil/tut/owner thing liked to flirt at me in our tut thing.

    Though honestly, he was the only perv I met on PIMD. (I did, however meet my sister and my cousin on accident. Whoops)
  3. I'm sure if he really knew what you looked like he wouldn't flirt with you
  4. That wasnt very nice 
  5. It was even, how do they say it in the colonies... A **** move.
  6. Lmfaooo this is so true thank you Nanoc for a good laugh
  7. It's alright. If I wanted the opinion of what the general internet group thinks of my looks, I know what site to go on. ;)
  8. It's okay. Don't believe thee lies.
  9. First step is to open up your wallet, take all your money and or credit cards. Then do nothing but dump money into this game, and you'll have a reasonable sized acct in a few months
  10. And then complain about it. Constantly. But keep doing it. And complain.
  11. No support. Topkek request sent out to rikki and Zeth.
  12. hang on so just because I played pimd I automatically lose? good logic I see why you are successful! and just because I said sfw im from pimd? I thought Kaw and gaw had sfw's too? but I guess you wouldn't know because you stay in that HTE clan
  13. oh and superman and turtle please don't talk mess if someone that has the 7 days active achievement (nanoc) has more stats then the both of you put together
  14. Welcome buddy
  15. I'll talk whatever I want. My enjoyment doesn't come from mindless tapping of an eb, but mindless tapping of people around my size for poops and chortles
  16. Through regular resentment of you on forums, you've been forgiven.

  17. I like how OP comes asking for help then immediately starts talking crap to people. 