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  1. I'm a new player I came over from SMASH and I would like to learn how to play here, I'm the warrior type of player I'll farm and do sfw's and all that good stuff but if I can I'd like to have a mentor that can help me with the game im willing to listen to understand how to play the game! Thanks btw my names chris!
  2. Sfw? Go back to PimD liar.
  3. Welcome. ....forums are full of trolls n very unhelpful people like me .....ask in world chat for a clan doing tier 1 ebs so u can grow .....throw up some buildings n try het yourself one billion in allies so u make more gold from epic battles
  4. how am I a liar? somebody already talking mess and I barely join
  5. I see rikki you play pimd huh? I see where you get your stats from the clan your in is like a cat club on pimd don't talk mess when you milk that eb to get your stats
  6. You literally have 0 stats at the moment. Like you actually have 0 cs
  7. If you need any help just give me a follow. I just got back into kaw after a 4 year break and played for 2 years prior to that. I don't know a lot of the new stuff myself but Im willing to help you :)
  8. Can someone translate this from special English, to regular English
  9. He says you have no room to talk **** about him while you sit pretty in an HTE clan
  10. Just letting you know, it isnt the greatest idea to be trash talking when you are asking for help. Just sayin 
  11. You're not babydoll in smash are you op?
  12. I'll help ya if/when I can. Just hit me up. Some people aren't all nasty, unless they gotta be.
  13. exactly I was asking for help not a smart ass remark from someone that milks an eb and I was only defending myself sorry not sorry and thanks to those who are actually trying to help
  14. no wolfie my name is bluntless on smash

  15. Lol he lit you up rikki, I'd retire after this
  16. Except he admitted to being from PIMD, so Rikki still wins in my book.
  17. 
  18. Oh how quaint a drop build speaks, such scariness from someone who couldn't handle it higher up.
  19. Since I knew what he meant, does that mean I also am from PIMD?