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  1. Last week we gave everyone who downloaded our new game, Kingdoms of Heckfire, exclusive rewards in KaW. Well... almost everyone. If a particular setting on your phone, sometimes referred to as Advertising Tracking, was turned off then we had no way to associate your KaW account to your Heckfire account. We'd rather not ask you to turn on Ad Tracking because you might have a good reason for turning it off, so instead we will be opening up a new way for you to associate your KaW and Heckfire accounts AVAILABLE UNTIL FRIDAY DECEMBER 8TH at NOON PT. If you have NOT received the Heckfire rewards in KaW, please follow these steps and reference the screenshots below:

    STEP 1
    Open Kingdoms of Heckfire and tap on your Avatar in the top left corner of the screen. You will need to complete the Tutorial first.

    STEP 2
    Tap on the Mail button.

    STEP 3
    Tap on the New Message button.

    STEP 4
    Enter the following details in the New Message fields, excluding the square brackets and taking care to type everything correctly.

    To: KawRewards
    Subject: [Your KaW Username]
    Message: [Your KaW Username]

    DO NOT change your KaW username before you receive your rewards this Friday.

    You MUST type your name EXACTLY as it appears in KaW. Capitalization, barcodes, etc must match.

    You will receive your Heckfire rewards in KaW shortly after NOON PT on FRIDAY DECEMBER 8TH.

  2. Ooohhh. Why not just use ATA login ?
  3. Ok it’s a start, but what about the issues you need to address in THIS game? Ie: transmuting the last two events EQ? Upgrading Black Friday weapon with aqua and inferno?
  4. Was just about to say that, still can’t transmute my last two event items.
  5. This would have worked for some, but would have been impossible for players who have an ATA ID linked to both their Heckfire account and a KaW account they don't want the rewards on (or at least not the account they do want the rewards on).

    Charlie will give you an update on this! In the mean time let's keep this thread on track for questions related to the Heckfire promo.
  6. I got the rewards on my KaW account buy on my heckfire account didn't receive anything is that normal?
  7. There was a window of time where you had to grab the Heckfire rewards from the Heckfire store (the bundles were called Apple Box Chest or Android Box Chest, depending on your device). Those are no longer available, but if you message support within the Heckfire app they may help you out!
  8. i thought more rewards were coming... i need a horse
  9. Great, thank you
  10. You know if you don't add "hit send" there's gonna be that one guy...

    Appreciate you giving us a fix for the problem.
  11. I think you should release a furniture set purchasable with mithril would encourage more to war.
  12. This is a surprisingly good idea. Would fix the "more mith stuff!!1" complaints.
  13. Hi Bruce,

    kOhf is a good game but it's taking long time get to game interface.. anything to with phone's specifications?
  14. I didnt realise I had ad tracking off lol oops
  15. So accounts that have not downloaded KOH yet can still get the rewards?
  16. Are you able to load the game at all? If you can get into the app, please use the Help button to contact Heckfire support.

    If you follow the instructions in this post, yes.
  17. If we have followed the instructions to the letter and have still not received rewards is it safe to uninstall KoH or should we wait to get rewards first before uninstalling?
  18. Rewards will be out shortly after noon PT, December 8.
  19. Wait to uninstall until after you receive the rewards.
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