Heart & Wand EB Drops

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  1. Hello KaW

    I did a little research to help my clan and thought I would share with you lot too. I never use forum so please forgive me for the lack of glamour.


    To the Chamber
    The Depraved

    The Despair
    The Forgotten Ones
    Foreign Territories

    The Destroyer
    The Haunting
    Figure of Death

    Scionic Storm
    Sporavek's Revenge

    The Viper's Den
    The Frozen City
    Glacial Squall

    Smoke Signals
    A Familiar Foe

    Ghomorax of the Highlands
    The Labyrinth of Zoma


    Cover of Night
    Kingdom Assault

    The Awakening
    The Reckoning
    Abandoned Kingdom
    Battle Royale
    No Mans Land
    City of the Dead
    Talons of Carnage
    New Growth
    Storm the Palace
    Wasteland Wilds
    The Sleeping Giant
    The Summoner
    A Sacrifice of Flesh
    Lignabelua of the Lowlands


    Revenge of the Warbeasts
    Haunting: The Escape
    Zelgarad the Accursed
    Necromancer's Pact (any)

    UNKNOWN (Sorry)

    No Quarter
    The Barren Orchard
    Terrain Travails
    Crossing The Threshold
    Cave Of Riches
    The Gilded Lord
    Desert Sting
    A Cold Calling
  2. And I'm the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  3. Why so many colours? Most of this is very hard to read.

    Thanks for the info though. I'm sure it will help people if they can manage to read the super bright and/or super dark colours.
  4. Re: Heart

    Super painful to read, and someone did this yesterday
  5. Re: Heart

    the black text is actually really relaxing to look at for some reason.
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    I like the colours tbh. Nice info
  7. Thank you for the guide! Love the colours though black and grey hard to read (can't read grey on my phone at all)