HB is officially retired

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  1. I am officially retired, for anyone who actually knew me... I would love to hear what you guys have to say on my wall as I leave. Farewell kaw until I visit and see if anything changes. I am talking about in the warring part of the game. I doubt devs will change up wars tbh but we will see. Thanks all and farewell!
  2. Lets have break up make out (s3x) and never speak or see eachother again bud ;)
  3. my fondest memory was when blocked me.
  4. Goodbye Mc-Hammer
  5. LL wars will never be the same without baljeet spamming 50 different ppl for war

  6. Sad day for low land ee war,HB would give noobs a shot at wars from world chat. One didn’t have to be in a corny little clique or have a tag to join
  7. OK, see you tomorrow

  8. Ty for all your efforts whether other ppl appreciated it or not. GL in RL Enjoy

  9. Such a baby you're retiring because you got 2 nm in a row? Wow the waaaahhhmbulance will be by shortly to pick you up.
  10. Think he talm bout da cuties
  11. You will be missed Hun
  12. Enjoy retirement.
  13. You're a 14 y/o that plays a dying game...nobody cares whether you leave or stay
  14. You'll be missed HB. You've forever revolutionised the average player's take on LL.
    From messaging 100 players in 10 minutes to leading all tank builds against Hansels to running the most successful LL clan that terrorised KaW, you've done it all.

    We stand in awe. Today KaW loses one of their best. Chuck Norris got nothing on ya.

  15. Yeh he's going to get hate but the people doing that are the reason the war community is where it is right now. So what he's young, so what his clan was NE, or UN. He tried. He put time and effort into building a roaster and giving good LL clans a fight. No matter what you say in a disrespectful way, what he did is much better than sticking 15 Alts in a clan called "FFA" and basically ruining the aspect of LL. Sad to see so many good players leave, HB is another one on a long list
  16. Always sad to see long time players leave. Enjoy your retirement xx
  17. This
  18. Thanks for letting me carry you ️ HMU bb