Haunting: The Escape

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  1. What EBS drop a seal
  2. Oh wait it is hte 2 year anniversary earlier this month
  3. Theoretically, a few. Realistically, none.
  4. I can't believe hte has been out for two years and I'm still the same size I was when it came out.
  5. How much money did the developers make from HTE in two years?
  6. Quite a lot I guess and now there are battle cries...
  7. Lol this is still here?
  8. Eugh. Catfish.
  9. Lets say a seal is dropped (hte open) every 1 mins on kaw.

    How many minutes in 2 years? 1051200 minutes.

    How much does a SOD cost? 59 nobility points.

    1051200 × 59 = 62020800

    You can get 10 nobility points for 99 cents (USD)

    62020800 ÷ 10 = 6202080 (sets of 10 nobility points)

    6202080 × 99 = 614005920

    Devs made about $614,005.920 (USD) on SOD's in 2 years.

    This does not count xtals and other nobility purchases and propacks and whatever.

    This is a extremely rough estimate and i am very bad at math and even worst whilst intoxicated. I'm just saying, so everything i said here might be completely wrong.
  10. They've made much more than that for sure
  11. Waaaay more I would think.
  12. Sep 18'2013
  13. Love how of all of the stupid amount of stickied guides I produced, this is the one that endures through the ages.

    8/8 legacy.
  14. you suck
  15. Yet everyone doesn't complain when HTE BR 15% plunder bonus is ran (happily hitting it no less) and for an extra day even this BR run?
    Smh from them
  16. 1 att 2 stl from one regen... ur build sucks