Haunting: The Escape

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  1. I got 4 Seals from ROTW
  2. This thread isn't even fully correct, and it's so simple it hurts to think so. :/
  3. Lol, limited time
  4. Germanicus, you take care of noobs. I'm touched. 
  5. He died his hair red. It looked better blue.
  6. I just read it you don't lose it.
  7. Yeah apparently I do, even after retirement. Although no one seems to particularly care, which is why I stopped in the first place.
  8. B2B ESCAPE
    ALL items
  9. Nobody seal there^
  10. Why was this made? It's a easy eb
  11. It was made when the EB came out and there were some issues associated with it.
  12. Are seals still being dropped
  13. This thread is old af
  14. So ancient
  15. Seriously this got stickied
  16. Question will their be another hand out day.
  17. Most likely not, but watch out for the Events! IThey usually give out Seals by completing an objective during their events. They're not particularly easy to Free Players, but they always give a chance to anyonewho participates.
  18. but Wulf is better
  19. Op is a Moron