Haunting: The Escape

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  1. How is it possible to accidently use the seal in a war? Will it be used as a defensively item if I am attacked????
  2. Nevermind I read through the rest of pointless argueing comments and luckyily some had my answer
  3. Willy is right...
    It saves time for the devs. It was stickied. Deal with it.
  4. @Soda when the eb came out it was an attack item which could accidentally be used...

    Thanks for pointing this out I'll edit the Q and A.
  5. How rare is the drop as we do not get one despite doing many EBs
  6. It didn't used to be that rare, but when it was put back online it was made a lot rarer.
  7. Wow some is really trying to suck up to the debs by making this thread to get the achievement . This belongs in wulfs eb thread
  8. If you don't like it then don't post noob. This thread is for people who need help or have questions about the eb, not your off topic pile of ****.

    If wulf wanted to put this in his guide he would have. He didn't. If you love him so much why don't you wall him and ask him to make a guide?

    As for sucking up to the devs, if I really was sucking upto them, I would have got my perm silence repealed by now.

    Now get your stinking ass out of my thread if you don't have a valid contribution.
  9. Do you work for KaW or something? Like 10 threads sticky lmao, gl on forum mod, see it as a soon possibility.
  10. Lol thanks for your support but with 6 offences and a perm mute I can hardly envisage that happening. Ever. 
  11. Germ I got a pic for you!

    Not the one you're thinking of! :lol:
  12. Ty mate I'll edit it in when on comp
  13. Ive never had a seal dtopped to me, n i was chasing those drop ebs. I've only seen one drop! Face it, we're just lab rats to the devs n they just want our money
  14. Dear admin , thanks for added aqua/ inferno with this eb . We hope please consider add seal of demand drops from this eb too. We wish admin make KAW best social game and make feel good for communities here in KAW ! Thank you !
  15. ️omg. U all suck❗️
  16. We have been playing the 4 ebs for a week and still noseal? Rare? Or non eexistent
  17. It is very rare
  18. This is a good guide... but is it truly necessary?
  19. I found a really good money maker for this EB.