Haunting: The Escape

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    This is a guide to Haunting: The Escape:


    FIRST: Use item Seal of the damned on unholy rift to 0.
    SECOND: Attack/Assassinate Souls of the Damned to 0.
    THIRD: Attack/Assassinate Skeleton Apparitions to 0

    - Use item Seal of Deflection to bring seal of the dead to 50%

    Phase 1/2 completion: The unholy portals closes. Cries of agony resound as the damned are returned to rest.


    FIRST: Attack/Assassinate Reanimated Corpses to 0

    - Use item seal of deflection to bring seal of the dead to 0%

    EB Complete! Your forces make it across the bridge with naught a moment to spare.

    - The Seal of the Damned: [​IMG]

    - The Seal of Deflection: [​IMG]

    Q: What is Seal of the Damned?
    A: A special item which allows you to get past the first stage of Haunting: The escape.

    Q: How can I get it?
    A: Pay 59 nobs or you can get it as a drop from various epic battles.

    NOTE: The devs mentioned that the drop rate and the epic battle from which they the seal drops can change.

    Q: I have been doing the EBs above all day and haven't got one! Why?
    A: it has been classed as a rare drop so you probably won't get it first time. The EBs which you can get it from as well as the drop rates will change over time.

    NOTE: The seal drop does not appear in EB History, and will appear in the clan chat. (Like aqua and inferno.)

    Q: Where is it?
    A: You can find your seal in the Profile section, and it can be bought from the defence section of the marketplace.

    Q: Wait... Did you just say this was a defence item? Won't i lose it if I get attacked?
    A: Yes the seal is a defence item but you will not lose it if you are attacked. Don't Worry!

    Q: I have checked my profile and still cannot find my seal!
    A: The seals were only handed out for free on one particular day. If you were inactive during the free handouts you will not get a seal. If you are sure you were active and still don't have one, email support@athinkingape.com or use feedback.

    Q: How does the seal work?
    A: You need only 1 person with the seal to complete the EB for the whole clan.
    It is used once to get past a 1 hp enemy.

    Q: What is the Haunting: The escape?
    A: It is a variation of the regular haunting that yields 3x gold.
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    This eb pays amazing, and I think Apheruin looks better with red hair
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    Since when was this the case???
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    Pls inform me if i have missed out any crucial info.
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    You can attack and assassinate
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    Great guide .. well done mate:)
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    good very helpful well done
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    Bump for a noob
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    Um the title says No Escape I thought it was the Escape?
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    No escape....?
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    No escape?
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    Second step on first phase, you can attack and Assasinate 
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