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  1. Decrease the difficulty and increase the payout of the the hawthorn, moutos, and scorpios eb tiers.

    Atm small clans get stuck in a haunted hell, because the difficulty curve skyrockets after apheriun, but the payout doesn't.

    New players in small clans get bored and leave the game because haunts 24/7 is really tedious.

    Make those little used ebs more accessible and make them pay enough to be worth doing so that players can have some variety on their endless epic journey to nowhere.

    That's all. o/
  2. Support, I'm all for more variety in the game, but like you said, many don't go for those tiers as payout increases minimally while difficulty increases at a greater rate than payout.
  3. Lol just complete an event series n get event eq. Upgraded or not as long as you get 2000+ event items you will have bfe enough to hit higher tier ebs n the s bars will allow you to beef up your land stats.

    Add wc ads n merc availability and even small clans can complete the higher tier ebs.
  4. You're out of touch with the common kaw experience.
  5. Most new players are quickly made aware of events and generally utilise them for growth. You're out of touch with the current law experience.

  6. On the contary. Just built an alt a couple of months ago.

    Grind some ebs during events n aim for 2000 - 7500 reward level. Not hard any more to fast build an account these days even without putting $ into this game.

    Lowlands no cost to open. When your stats increased enough your gold earnings in higher tier ebs increases.

    And there are enough folks 1/2 to 4x my size willing to help ebs in trouble.
  7. I hate to say it ya know cuz its you, but i can get behind this.

    And ill add on i like how both rebuttles so far include wc ads. Lol like they didnt even read the op
  8. Me? The guy that spends half of his time on kaw in small clans?

    I really don't think I'm off the mark here.

    I think the problem is that you misread my statement. I didn't say "small players" I said "small clans".

    Part of the problem is that new players do grow so fast. they end up moving on to larger clans before the small clan can develop enough members to move on to larger ebs. So they end up with this cycle of losing members to growth as quickly as they can recruit new ones.
  9. Really the devs havent added any new ebs that would be for smaller clans either. They have no problem over the years adding new ebs, but they are all impossible for a growing clan to even attempt without help. They just need a whole new noob series fr
  10. That would be nice, too. Show some love for the little guys.

    But I figure just making the unused mid tier ebs more accessible would take a lot less coding time (because we all know ata only cares about their bottom line)
  11. Variety is the spice of life after all.

    Hell, even I want to do some of those ebs sometimes just to change things up a bit.

  12. Actually have read it completely. Simple truth its harder to build a clan these days due to large core of accounts are alts; and the fact its expansive to unlock roles in new clans to have good success.

    Unless you have a good presetup to building a clan its hard to have the overall activity. Thus you grind the ebs within your range n drive to get more members.

    Even in clans we often run into multiple alts/player; which causes losing multiple hitters when 1 player is away.

    Unfortunate as it is, it is better for small clans to seek strong clans to ally with for eb support.

    Making higher ebs easier with more payout simply makes ebs dull for bigger players. The event eq alone makes most eb eq pointless save eq req to hit an eb.

    Like playing a leveling game; you can't expect higher level creatures made weaker with increased xp n gold. Its a ludicrous idea. No offense.

    Kaw has been made easier enough as it was what a year ago they increased alot of eb payout by +50%, no costvto open lowlands & you don't have to wait to build top tier lowland buildings.

    If you truly want to test activity with reasonable pay Ambush is the great equalizer as size does not matter its strictly activity based.
  13. But nobody does those tiers of eb, because the difficulty doesn't match the payout. Everyone skips over them after they are unlocked because they currently aren't worth bothering with.

    So people go from apheriun, to jorathe/scrag. Then there is a massive leap in difficulty so you end up sitting there for a long time until you can do lotl/goth.

    Smoothing out the progression just makes sense.

    And believe it or not there are actually new players that join kaw. And they do quit because of this. I've seen it happen many times.
  14. These Ebs definitely need an increase. At least add a bonus of sliver bars or something as a reward
  15. Adding xtras like possible aqua/inf & s bars o could agree with. But not reducing ebs difficulty as event eq already decreased overall difficulty. Hell my alt started out with a non enchantable weapon with 10mil/stat
  16. You must be some what new before haunt and Nq were the furtherest EB
  17. again, you are thinking about it from the perspective of a player, not a clan.

    huge boosts in stats don't equate to huge boosts in a clans damage output.

    damage increases much more slowly than stats. 2 active 10m accounts do far more damage than 1 active 20m account. an individual account needs to grow something along the lines of 10x in order to double its damage.

    so it comes back to player retention, which the big gaps in difficulty make incredibly difficult for small clans.
  18. lol who must be new?