Harrian's War Tracking Application Alpha Version 0.1.9

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum posting of Harrian's War Tracking Application! A simple to use program meant for players in individual wars; however the program should prove useful in all wars for people who do not have a program like this already!

    Feel free to submit anonymous feedback Here

    This program requires the newest version of Microsoft .NET Framework to function.

    Basic Functionality:
    • Accurate timing of course!
    • Ability to offset timers! Not everyone can instantly monitor KOs!
    • Keep track of Regen times!
    • Ability to reset timers when crystals are reveled!
    • Different copy options to allow the user to quickly place valuable information into clan chat!

    How to setup for use!
    1. Download the most current version of the application here: https://goo.gl/LRPuJL
    2. Optional When ready to war create a .txt file containing the names of each member in the opposing clan! Only one user name per line! (example file included)

      Also for wars with roster line ups you can add the clan rank to the file seperated from the username by a single space! An example file is also included for this setup!
    3. Extract that bad boy and Double click the application!
    4. Enter the number of players in the enemy clan!
    5. Browse to the .txt file you created in 1a if you skipped 2 then just hit cancel for clan rank only mode!
    6. Haza! You've made it to the main control panel!

    How to use!
    • When a green message appears in the clan chat go to the control panel and hit the KO button!
    • Use the offset to enter KOs late, for example miss a KO by 2 minutes enter 120 in the offset and hit KO. This will properly order it with the rest of the KO targets! Always use seconds when entering the offset!
    • Use the many copy options to post messages in clan chat to keep your eager war mates informed about ups!

    Note is that this is an alpha release. Bugs are unexpected but are possible.

    Version History
    v0.1.9 - https://goo.gl/LRPuJL
    • Dropped support for CR only mode, users now must supply a username file
    • Reduced player cap from 25 to 15
    • Ripped out legacy functionality.
    • Removed Hide Names and integrated the functionality into the program directly.
    • Added Regen Timers
      • These function the same way as KO timers, use the offset to adjust and hit the RGN button.
      • Note: Regens automatically refresh, there is no need to remark them after each regen time passes. Other than to adjust the timer.
      • Regens are available in the auto copy section also!
      • ProTip: To disable a persons regen timer enter a number equal to or greater than 301
    • Added health crystal activation
      • Click the X button to active a players health crystal, this will clear their KO timer and their Regen timer. Also it will move them to the X USED category.
      • Currently this cannot be undone, please use caution when marking health crystal usage.

    v0.1.8 - 271 Downloads - https://goo.gl/0iqTPr
    • First and foremost the program has been restructured to place CR 1-15 in one column.
      • Note when competing in a war with less than 15 members the program will resize it's self appropriately. (Only when using a username file)
      • It's apparent to me that if wars are always 15 or less, as they are now, then there's no need for the program to take up so much white space. You can still load wars of up to 25 members.
    • I've restructured the "UP" box to be always listed in CR order.
      • The reason for this is that when a user checks the tracker information it's faster for their eyes to check the same location every time. Previously, the a war member would have to glaze over the entire list to find out if a specific person was up. This also enables users to extrapolate information from the UPs box faster.
      • Note: this option can be changed to either of the older options.
    • Enemies' KO timers will now follow their CR when they're in the window. Enemies timers will also follow their CR when they're in the up next category and less than one minute from being place into the window.
      • Since random wars are the main focus of LL wars I've added this to the program. This will allow the tracker to relay the KO timers of individuals in the window without them needing to look at the tracker, thanks to the auto copy feature.
      • During random wars, members of your clan should check enemies who's timer is near any :00 mark, while they're in the window.
        • This feature is heavily dependent on the tracker being smart with the offsets he/she uses.
        • This will separate the great trackers from the rest.
      • This feature is enabled by turning on "Hide Names" in normal mode. This feature is enabled by default in CR only mode.
    • I've made a number of code cleanup and resource management changes in this version. You should see a major difference in performance.
    • The layout is now more symmetrical.
    • The default war size is now 15 instead of 25.

    v0.1.7- 1387 Downloads - http://fbe.am/uKk or https://mega.nz/#!GgIjSYRR!lG8USlUOWL-qUt-LRVFlOQJ6BRGQUFW3DdEULEy4rx8
    -Users can now change the clan rank of a player directly in the program. Just double click on a player's clan rank label and an input box will make it's self available to you!
    -If you try to input a clan rank that is already assigned to someone else you'll be asked if you want to swap their clan ranks!
    -Added an experimental feature, under settings and under UP you can find two options: Standard and Experimental. Standard is the way the tracker currently works. Experimental attempts to put freshly out of KO targets in left-to-right order (shoving all the never been ko'ed targets to the right). There are draw backs to this, for instance when a player comes out of the >1 minute box they're shoved to the front of the UPs meaning that someone in the middle of that list could actually be up while the first person in the list still has a few seconds on their game timer.
    There is no risk to changing this option mid war!
    -Fixed an issue that was occurring with clan rank files. Files would change the label correctly but when they collaborated with functions like auto copy and the visual representations they would default to the standard order. I'm not sure why a bug this major when so long without any mention of it.

    v0.1.6.1 - http://fbe.am/uCA
    -Fixed a major issue with the hide names functionality that caused some major complications with the color mode functionality.

    v0.1.6 - 151 Downloads - http://fbe.am/uoK
    -Adjusted code to an object oriented paradigm! You should notice an decrease in memory and cpu usage, this will allow more users access if the program was unusable to you before!
    Note: This change involved a rewriting almost the entire program! Please inform me of any bugs you find in this thread or the using the feedback here: Here, please do not wall me.
    -Now able to keep track of those who just came up! The up section now shows "Up: [never-ko-ed][left-to-right]"
    -Custom color modes are disabled for right now, they will return in the near future! Normal Green-Yellow-Red modes are still enabled in the normal Text/Textbox modes.
    -Renamed the "5-10 Minute Advantage" to "5-10 Minute Random" (note that the functionality is the same for both but people wanted it renamed to reflect what the war schedule shows)

    v0.1.5.2 - 133 Downloads - http://fbe.am/ugw
    -Added a war setting for random wars! I have multitude of features half done and I decided to leave those features that are unfinished disabled. The reason for this is those who rely on this program for tracking during war don't appreciate unexpected or information randomly appearing as wars are extremely time sensitive and mistakes can't be corrected in the middle of war. Please keep submitting feedback if you can! I get emails whenever feedback is added and I check it instantly!

    v0.1.5.1 - 135 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tN8
    - A rough version of 7-13 mode added, you can change to this mode via settings>war mode. I'm looking for feedback with this version especially. Please take the time to leave comments here or through the anonymous feedback form Here!

    v0.1.5 - 14 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tLe
    -Bug fixes for colors randomly changing while using color modes. Note that changing color modes while timers are ticking can still cause incorrect color displays.
    -Fixed a bug with all 0 zeros showing up when switching from a file with clan ranks to a file without
    -The user can now customize the colors they'd like to use! You can find this under color mode in the settings portion! Note you need to use Hex color codes! Anything input that is not a hex color code will cause the program to crash!
    -When using the default mode you can now hide usernames if you do not want to copy the usernames.
    -While typing in the offset you can now hit the enter key to start the timer instead of hitting the KO button!

    v0.1.4.1 - 37 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tIM
    -Revisions to clan rank only mode, to use just hit cancel on the popup that asks for a file. You can re-enable usernames by loading a file in the settings menu!
    -Fixed a major bug with clan rank only mode that would cause all timers to be reset. This was not in version 0.1.4 but the additions I made for the clan rank only mode introduced a bug that would cause all the timers to reset unexpectedly. This was the reason for the delay.

    v0.1.4 - 42 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tGd
    -Added Color Settings! Green means up, yellow means up in less than one minute, and red means down. There are two different modes for this setting! One Mode that changes the color of the text and another mode that alters the color of the textbox it's self! Note only one mode can be active at a time!
    -Added new settings for the automatic clipboard copy! It was given it's own section on the menu strip to be clearly noticeable! Note that the less than one minute timer that it was originally is now the default setting while it's enabled!
    -Fixed a major bug with CR only mode that would display all zeros in every copy box!

    v0.1.3 - 66 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tDQ
    -Users can now control the clan rank. To utilize this feature just include the number with the user name in the text file separated by a single space. There is an example text file included!
    -Users can now load new text files into the program without having to completely exit and reload. Access this feature in the Settings option.
    -Added the ability to have the program all ways on top. Access this feature in the Settings option. This can be enabled and disabled at the user's discretion
    -Now dynamically displays the proper number of players based on the amount entered. No more empty and space wasting text boxes!

    v0.1.2 - 54 Downloads - http://fbe.am/tBZ
    -Added an option to automatically copy the "Up in less then 1 minute" textbox to the clipboard every 100 milliseconds and moved Player 13 to allow the option to be in a position with it's relative functions.
    -Now when Copy Buttons are clicked they include "UP:",">1 Minute", and "Up Next" respectively and also disable the auto timer (so the clipboard doesn't get overwritten when copying)\
    -Disabled "Always on top" Mode
    -Added the Minimize Button Back.

    v0.1.1 - 70 Downloads - http://fbe.am/ty6
    -Removed a testing Adjustment made to user 25.

    v0.1 - 31 Downloads - http://fbe.am/txs
    -Initial Release
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    Dont give strategys please
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    This is pretty cool not going to lie. Support.
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    Is this a tracking bot, mods or devs? and there for a ban offense.
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    Not a bot. It is manual entry. A bot would do this automatically. Like using macros on excel.
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    Atleast I believe. I haven't downloaded it, so don't take my answer to heart.
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    It's not a bot.
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    Sounds like a good thing.
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    This as been DEV approved, and bob approved. I tested it out, VERY awesome, and VERY cool. Thanks a ton Harrian!! Good work =)
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    Good job
    Much support
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    Finally something useful
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    I, darkghost, aka dark, person in the milky way, human on the stupid planet named hearth, one of the player in Kaw community, declare for this thread....


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    whoa. Haven't tested this but if it works half as well as described this is a game changer for 'leveling' the playing field. Awfully nice of you to share this tool you've developed with the kawmunnity at large.

    Thx harrian
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    This sounds awesome.

    I don't ee, but I do program, so I'll chuck you a pm and maybe we can have a chat about this.

    Looking forward to trying it.
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    Glad you guys are enjoying it!
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    Well now I'm more screwed than I was before unless I drop build again and do small indi wars
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    This is awesome! Great work