Hard eb stategy for low stats?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by chip793, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Chip- personally, he seems A) like a bully, B) like a moron. Give his name, people will keep him busy.
  2. I already did, King-Ralph. He steals 2m a hit from me which I know is low, he's just butthurt because if he accepts being wrong then all the time he spent arguing against it would be for nothing. Plus he would realise that he could have been a fair bit bigger by now.

    Being wrong is painful for pride, but accepting it brings lessons that couldn't be taught otherwise...
  3. Lol King-Ralph is a Noob.
    Please take it from me. Playing this game longer and holding on to your mistakes does not make you an expert.
    Stay with The New Hollow. They're a better clan. If you'd like much better council than that. I can recommend you on your wall to join:

    ZAFT's training clans
    OutlawZ's training clan

    These clans will teach you to be a better fighter, strategist, player, everything as a whole. You'll be learning from players who have spent many hours experimenting builds on EBs, real wars, PWars...,
    And they'll hold you tight. They might become your real life friends with time.

    Good luck.

    Oh btw, I certainly do not have all the time to do experiments, those that I do I share with the community.

    In the end. I'm the bigger noob than all. I'm still learning. All the time.
  4. Your offer is most generous and is certainly appreciated, but I've found myself going hone. I'm still getting stolen from but at least the devs invented bars, I'd rather give 7.5m to the game than farmers.
  5. Is he still hitting you darling?
  6. Yes, I wad hit 5 times in my sleep, 3 when I woke up and 5 more coming home from college. It's pitiful, he expects me to attack him so his friends can farm me too.

    What he doesnt realise is that I don't share his child-like mentality.

    Also mods/devs, I am very sorry for my proffanity last post, I assure you it shall not happen again.
  7. First steal:
    Last steal:
    He pays quite well
  8. Stos, what's the stats?
  9. Wish I could jump on that bandwagon! =L

    Thanks for helping Stos!
  10. Heres the stats: (im an att build)
    Heres the build from scout:
    (Sorry for fuzziness)
  11. No worries. I can see it fine
    Chip, your sure its him farming you, dear?
  12. Yes, him and his friends. I'm done trying to be nice, enjoy your plunder and thank you all for your support.

    Please DON'T attack LordPyramis, he hasn't hit me once so I owe him that much.
  13. Proof that is both confusing and hilarious.
  14. Ok. Ralph is going down tonight.
  15. Chip There is nothing Wrong with what you have done, Many are doing this. For people to farm you, is not right, This only Mean that they do not understand the game. For and you know you have many friends that will back you all the way ~RC
  16. Ahhh to much to read these pages! But op leave the clan join a new one. It's your game. Who gave a dam what other tell you :)
  17. @Theonlykali I am behind Chip all the way .
  18. Support to chip i think ralph needs a few love taps
  19. 39 lands, has guilds, has SoS's, and has T5's.

    Just what the **** is his idea of a build (scout screenshot).
  20. He has a terrible build.