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  1. Sasuages out for harambe!
  2. Another thread that mods won't lock. I swear none do their job
  3. Just cause you got locked in the attic all day as a child doesn't mean everything needs to get locked away.
  4. Please. Tell me where the ToU/RoC infarction has been. If you make a strong case I'll lock it up immediately.
  5. Don't worry Chief Moody I already handled it. You can go back undercover for now.
  6. Cheers squishy!

  7. ATA did Harambe
  8. Okay okay..

    So if ATA logo looks like Harambe, but Harambe is older than ATA...

    Is ATA logo actually the child OF Harambe.....?

    Look, two famous apes that are older than ATA are Donkey Kong and Harambe. Donkey kong is a game character. ATA makes games. Donkey Kong must be the mother.

    DK and Harambe were married, and had a child. The ATA logo.
  9. We need to investigate 311

  10. Rip Pal waker and hambe
  11. Mind Blown!
  12. RIP Bantu
  13. This is all part of the Illuminati!
  14. Interesting theory....
  15. Shut up
  16. Wasn't there a time when mods locked threads that were irrelevant? The whole Harambe thing isn't but this getting stupid. Making a meme out of a dead animal is pointles, you tell me how this contributes to anything in forums? This thread doesn't have a topic, it's just memes, and people talking about memes, and making jokes. I'd rather have a thread with nothing but memes, but Op decided to name the thread Harambe because he knew it would get posts
  17. You must be fun at parties
  18. Actually Berleezy, if you will actually read the thread, you will see that it's about Harambe and the ATA logo being related. Also if you'd read the posts you'd see that mostly everyone is in line with the thread.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    Edit: also the OP is also based off a meme, so yes half the thread is around meme, because the op is based off a meme. Thanks!
  19. Harambe was no meme
  20. Die harambe