happy new year Zafties

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by spookyrobbie, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. it’s called karma ️
  2. Happy new years
  3. Robbie! Long time, your like 16 months late to the party tho 
  4. Happy new year
  5. Stupidity at its finest
  6. Wasn’t karma. Was desperation, betrayal and a cry for acceptance by the people they once called their enemies. Lolol.
    Poor HoG. Trash talked by a clan on their own side which is worth more than your clan in the eyes of Apoc leadership, despite ZAFT’s history and HoG’s loyalty throughout the years.

  7. Welcome back from retirement Spooky, lol

    Trolls will troll this no doubt , however Spooky isn’t HoG council and doesn’t speak for our side. Things change from year to year , we all find ourselves in new waters whether in RL or on here , Those we considered family or good friends change, whether for good or bad. Those who would be enemies for years also change so we find ourselves in a circle chasing a change for what we believe in . You see your side we see ours ... hey it’s life and we choose to be... I choose my destiny... do you choose yours? Happy New Years to our friends and family and even to our enemies whomever they might be ! 2019 what will it bring to you?
  9. Very sweet post, Momma, considering Vamperous just essentially called you useless.
  10. Hi robbie and welcome back!
    Hi MommaBear! How goes it?

    LadyAsh, it's quite transparent what you're trying to do.
  11. Trying? There isn’t much room for interpretation, Echo. What was said and meant is quite clear.
  12. Not our fault this is what their alliance thinks of them lol
  13. Requesting thread to be locked.
  14. No support
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.