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    towers make a big difference in pvp.
    The chance to fail on someone with towers is much higher
  2. To all

    A warning from the first BC tank. Plunder is still low. Sdt on new lands is not even neutral to plunder it reduces it by around 3% per tower.

    Looking at sky's plunder vs mine there is now a 35% difference.

    Devs still refuse to do anything about it. Indeed it appears they've reintroduced a plunder penalty for sdt that a tank has to have to survive in kaw rather than recognise sdt for plunder.

    Learn from my mistake. ONLY PUT SPY BUILDINGS ON NEW LANDS AND GO SPY HEAVY HANSEL unless u want to fall behind as I will.

    love y'all

  3. Thanks whythen , much to consider with our future choices, any chance the devs could comment on this thread please? I'd like to know if your still happy with the plunder distribution difference between builds ? Are you going to take some time to look into it?
  4. No support. ...towers are so highly effective they almost render hansels useless from about -70% in wars against equally stated opponents ...

    Towers are so op that they deserve a penalty.
  5. Parsfan, if u hit eb with just your attack how much would u plunder? This is where I see the injustice. I wonder if that would equate to the 35% difference wythen was discussing.

    I agree there should be no plunder for towers but I don't think it should reduce plunder either.
  7. I went from hansel to tank which is backwards for most people. But I like playing as a tank better. Sad part is that I had to wait til I had upper lb tier gold before I converted just to compete with the big boys. I fully support max. The difference is redonk.
  8. I don't really care about plunder loss, my towers serve their intended purpose!
  9. Is this the dev's way of saying -- get on the Hansel train or get crushed because we are not going to look into the issue?
  10. On a different note....

    In the midst of determining if to build spy att or not in the new lands. EE being my main interest and spy stats for Hansels being so crazy high i'm not sure SDT is the way to go.

    My options atm as i see them r remain building attack
  11. No support
  12. Don't expect the dev to do anything.
  13. You sir are an idiot, its quite easy to slice through a lot of towers  go back to your hte and tell us more about how towers are hard to hit
  14. Support!! Ppl dun dare to grow. Its take time to bc. We warring more often slow down our growing time!!
  15. Towers cant generate punder it add static defense not units.
  16. Support, no like plunder drop from towers dont add em

    Devs should change the plunder to quests, once there comoleted the option to do spy quests

    All builds has pro an cons built by choice not force

  17. Great insight ATA Bruce....just when folks start asking for dev input you are at the ready to display why that is so effing pointless.

    I think two arguments over mechs are getting mushed together a bit in this thread. One is eb plunder and the other is ee pvp plunder.

    Hansels have had an eb plunder bonus since I started kawing 5ish years ago. That discrepancy has never made much sense. Doubt it changes though.

    I've never ee'd much so I'll defer to others with more experience on a fix for ee. Banning ps seems a very poor choice however. Maybe tightening up the hit ranges between participants could resolve some of the perceived ee imbalance, I dunno and again I'll defer to others.

    Bottom line for ee though, any change the devs make WILL be exploited. Has been the case from day one and will continue to be. Players are smarter than devs....just the way it is....and they will continue to find exploits.
  18. No support, shoulda become hansel, you had the choice