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  1. Hansels don't require towers so make way more gold in ebs. This is good...but...

    The att builds need towers or get crushed in wars. Hansels already have assa and steal advantage Devs. Why can't you even out the gold made?

    Here's a few ideas:
    After so many towers, have say the fifth tower and behond generate plunder
    Or, allow sdt towers to be big enough in stats so att builds don't need as many this way att builds can generate greater gold at least close to what a hansel does.
    Any other ideas please share...?

    The point is because of gold made the hansels are now all over kaw and att builds are becoming obsolete. Towers hurt plunder but are needed in war unless your a hansel. It's ruining wars and making att builds spend more real Money to "keep up"( hansels make 2to3 times more gold per xstal than an att build does)

    Hansels make more gold n therefore become BC faster, gain more bfa and att builds can't even compete. Devs you need to do something or kaw will become hansel or hyb 50/50 builds and no att builds. Please help
  2. Support?
  3. Support ...I've been sending feedback for a couple years now about this .They need to even out the gold made on hansel and tanks ..They see 90% of kaw players convert to hansel and don't seem to care..it's taking the fun out of wars and the game period ...Ive lost interest lately
  4. Even as a hansel, full support to this
  5. I definitely agree and give my support of this request
  6. What do you have there in allies?


    I think you may have a point that towers in a war game should not be a handicap

    I don't think they should earn gold but really shouldn't lose gold because of it

    If you have towers and you don't war, you pretty much have to sell them if you want to get anywhere

    That makes preparing for war even more difficult, say like all star wars which are coming up

    You have to hurt plunder, stunt growth, and if you try to war before you have 700m in tower defense, you will have everyone complain about your leaky build
  7. Towers are so over tuned defencively I think they deserve the plunder losses. No support.
  8. I would add that towers could give better EE bonus since that's the main reason for them.
  9. Close this, its old algorithm stuff. Op clearly hasn't been hit by a hybrid. Close thread. Waste of data space.
  10. The towers plunder loss is not the only problem that just adds to loss ..You can have no adt as a tank and still plunder is a big advantage for hansel over a tank ...just even it out or make it close and just maybe we can save the few tanks we have left or maybe even get some to convert back ..
  11. Towers having directly dropped plunder since HF lol. It's more of an opportunity cost. It's your choice to go tank and add sdt and adt. Choose the build of kings and go hanssl and be a big eb fairy for lyfe
  12. Never happening, takes 3 Q+ to fully convert rai  no hansel is gonna go tank
  13. I had a chat with ATA Charlie over this when the events came out,its not only gold but the drops they get,and he actually AGREED there was a discrepancy and would look into it.But there's been no change,a att build has to xtal multiple times n use chests to even come close to matching a Hansel of equal build,I've given up on ever seeing a change to this I think it's geared this way for xtal sales.
  14. Has been brought to Devs attention time and time again, war seems to be on the back burner for kaw yet advertise a war based game. With more and more tanks gone or converting, war is dying, the main focus are Epics of course. Devs aren't dumb, they know the fix. Losing interest lately as well. Maxy, I support 

    P.s. this mass conversion and build choice revolving around hansel and spy is a direct EE killer. Can't tank, leak like hell, can't plunder too much, don't even mention an inac..  the ee world is now governed by which side has more ps/ ps1/ hyb/ hnsls
  15. Mino that's a great idea. Add extra levels of EE if your build contains towers, very interesting

    But would need to be real towers not just ll or HL towers or would be exploited
  16. Full "darn" support. Ty Max.

    Happy KAW'ing all ️
  17. Hv sent a few tixs on this. Probably got lost in virtual space or totally ignored. Yes, hansel rules this game. Yes, its a war game but fairies get the best prizes.

    I'll still be a tank! Tanks for life!