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  1. This conversation is why kaw is dead.. S.. T ... F... U. with this lame ass debate about ps1
  2. Your build is good for ebs.

  3. There was an old thread where this was debated n in that thread most agreed a ps would refer to pure spies while a ps1 or ps2 would be refered to as primarily spy with 1 att build or primarily spy with 2 att builds n so forth....guess not many read it though.
  4. i think it was when sos1's started getting nerfed, as more hf hansels started getting around with 1-4 att builds, the term i believe was adapted from sos1 to ps1... these ppl never did do too well at thinking outside the box, with all their stacked rosters that led to indi's n the loss of other formats lol
  6. Great build for ebs make sure to keep that elven temple at level 1 and a spy tree thing at level 1 as wEll
  7. Before I retired, the only build terms used were hansel, pure spy, attack, hybrid, spy heavy hybrid and attack heavy hybrid. Whatever ps1, or ps2 or ps100 means.
  8. My build is an example of a proper hansel. One CoE, the rest spy builds. ;)
  9. Best answer in thread
  10. Your build is best for growth and easy option to switch PS if you get a fight with someone. Dropped all allies and attack building and assassinate or scout your enemy everyone you get online or steal and bank