'Hansel Killer' Build (hybrid?)

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  1. Has anyone build or is building what I have seen referred to as an 'Hansel Killer'? :D
    I would like more information about this kind of builds as I am interested in building one myself.
    From what I have read I understand it would be an attack hybrid build.
    More information please! If you would like to share. :mrgreen:

    - Basically, what does your build look like and how is it effective against hansels? ;)
    Thank you.
  2. I'll post SS later. But im a HUGE guild hansel with 5 COE's in the highlands, all teir 3.
  3. ok, so it could be a spy hybrid build as well. Interesting. Thanks for post. :)
  4. Hansel buster =


    It's prettymuch a hansel that means other hansels can't get through the static defence, and the high spy stats mean it's prettymuch the same as a HLBC hansel.
  5. So static defense means you have towers? What towers do you have and how many? Sorry about the questions but I'm fairly new to the game so maybe need a bit more fleshing out for me. :D
    But I like your post, succinct and to the point - and I can see how it would work out.
  6. Hansel is 1 atk building and the rest spy atk buildings. That's a true hansel the rest are hybrids basically
  7. Actually a true hansel buster is full atk with 13 static or spy buildings. And yes, it is a hybrid. Usually slightly spy heavy with a few towers to prevent you getting ripped apart by hansels.

    Not sure about here, but FC hansel buster often has about 60-80k static OpsDEF, 2 advanced ops, and the rest are usually atk builds
  8. @iLLest: there are variations, up to the maximum 20% (4-5) atk builds are still (by mechanics) classified as hansel
  9. You need to read bellemorte's guide on fighting mechanics. She provided all the details on how to build a hybrid so that it can hit a hansel with zero gold out (I'm guessing that's what u want to do).
  10. Hansel kill eh?
  11. Only issue is, there are some hansels with a massive bfa that can easily get through 2m defense in towers. That would stop most, but not all.
  12. Actually a Hansel is a build with > 25% attack buildings. With HLC, you can have up to 12 attack buildings while still following the Hansel mechanics. Say your 12 attack buildings were all Colonies, your stats would be 2.8/2.8/3.6/3.6. Looks like a hybrid build, but isn't. So would this a Hansel killer?
  13. Well the VAL build is a hansel with 2m static defence.
  14. Nah, I can hit guys with 3 mill attack stats
  15. Great, loads of info. Thanks. Now, I need to make sense of it. :D
    I'll be jotting it up all down on my KAW note book and ponder with a glass in hand. :mrgreen:
  16. Hansel buster is so far out its coming from behind you!

    It's just a decent attack build with a good spy def. equal static def to the pesky spy will surely 'bust' those pesky spies.
  17. Look up Swifty9, he is a good example of a Hansel Killer. He has a High Static Spy Defense so it would be hard for Hansels to Assasinate, and Mediocre Attack for Poubding back :)
  18. Pounding* 
  19. I like to call myself a hansel hunter 
  20. lol i guess if i throw up those towers i was planning on tht would make me a hansel killer.