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  1. Yes Sniiper. In Plunder Wars, guild hansels still make WAYYY more than an SoS hansel.

    But with EBs it's a different story.

    iZaln, I apologize! With large chunks of text I will just stick to black then :) I'll edit it once I'm back on the PC
  2. @missmelon
    How do you earn Money in assassination
  3. You get rewarded for assassinations at the end through the reward.
  4. In EBs you are given a reward for your successful actions. When you assassinate in an EB you are contributing, and therefore receive payment for it via the reward at the end of the EB.
  5. Updated Results **

    I have upgraded again and thought I would add these on.

    I converted another Lv4 Guild to a Lvl3 SoS, and also converted a guild to a Lvl3 CoE, so I am now at:
    • 21 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS, 2 CoE, 1 Titan
    • ( 268,160 / 293,168 / 1,127,980 / 1,127,980 )

    My results are now:
    • Assassination : 25,388,181
    • Attack (inc. reward) : 33,625,130
    • Attack (exl. reward) : 20,548,691
    • Item : 31,908,181

    If you compare this to my initial stats you can see it IS decreasing, but now keep in mind I'm not using a weaker potion with my attack. So I may be making 3.5mill less than before, but I am saving 4.5mill per pot (I also save 9.5mil on my first 4 attacks, because I use an ever cheaper pot).

    So really, by looking at "Attacks" only, it may seem like I am making 104mill (3.5mill x 26 hits) Less plunder, but in reality I am making actually making 60mill MORE Plunder! :mrgreen:

    And as I've said it a bunch of times before, you're also getting some awesome stats!
    Awesome stats = More Real War fun!

    Don't be shy guys. All you guilds hansels out there doing EBs - give it a go! You're missing out on a lot of fun ;)

    Reminder: I'm not telling you to copy my choice of attack buildings - That's your own choice. Keep in mind you can also gain strength via allies.. That's what hansels usually do. But you have to remember that Your OWN stats are worth 50x more than your allies (But your strength is weakened as your troops get low). So there are a lot of things to consider when you're deciding on whether to upgrade or buy an ally.
  6. Melon, can you do a full unload of assassinations and tell us how much you get?

    Pretty please 
  7. Sure thing. Will let you know the results in an hour.
  8. Please don't fill it with useless posts, or people will miss the real discussion that has occured :(
  9. Really good to know... i have no patience in saving up however much money to convert 2/3 SOS lol.
  10. Btw, which attack pots do you use on haunting?
  11. Piggah, Go back a page and you will see my latest results.

    I used to use the 12mill attack pot, but now I use the 2.5mill attack pot for my first 4 attacks, then the 7.5mill attack pot for the remainder of the hits.

    I'm hoping to build a few more CoEs until I no longer need to use pots. Soon there will be bigger and better EBs anyway, so i'll need the extra strength for the future :)
  12. what the point of being a hansel?
  13. Okay ty. I think I still will have to use the 12m pot cuz my allies sorta suck lol no offense to them.
  14. Hahaha. Even if you DID have strong allies, you would need A LOT of them to be able to hit without pots. I had 800b invested in allies (I really need more..). Of those allies I had about 8mill bonus attack from allies, which only equates to 160k attack if you are to convert it to your filtered stats, which is not going to help you that much in the EB..

    So you're going to be stuck using pots for quite some time, especially once your troop count is getting low