Hansel Conversion

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  1. lol yeh, Also, Epic Battles are 10000000000x better than plunder wars anyways.
  2. lol yeh, Also, Epic Battles are 10000000000x better than plunder wars anyways.
  3. Melon, you are my twin.. But I'm a dude..

    I was like pwar oh my pretty plunder, I got to like 130b and was like forget this, BOOM. Threw up SoS' and I like my stats and future stats and started doing more EBs, pwars just to converse and unloads. If you're over 1m combined you need to drop pwars and switch to PvE.
  4. Only bad thing about EBs is CC becomes crappy.
  5. PvE is where its at.
  6. That's what she said.
  7. As in how many I need to make an attack? With my current stats and allies -

    For the first 50% of my troops, I use
    • Book of the Dead (2.5mil attack pot).
    For the remaining 50%, I use
    • Holy Wrath (7.5mil attack pot)

    Lol! There can be male-female twins!

    And yes, I have found that CC in EBs is pretty dead. It saddens me. I'm sure Devs are already aware of this and are figuring how to fix this. :)

    I'm just so loving that I don't have to sacrifice the stats for plunder anymore. It's a win-win really.
  8. WOW what a rip off!


    I thought you were going to post SS of a funny conversation with hansel or something lol.

    Otherwise, nice :p. I switched my hansel a while ago for war anyways though lol.
  9. Yah I support a sticky for this :p

    Maybe you want to test more game mechanics too? :O lol
  10. I just wish I had actually taken SS's and did official tests for it. Now it's a bit too late for me to reverse and redo *cry*

    But as said previously, I didn't actually plan any of this. It was just a personal choice and when I realised the results of it, I felt the need to inform others of my findings :) .
  11. LOL same case for me, except I didn't feel the need to tell others in a great big guide lol. Whoever asked me I'd answer.
  12. Melon about your post back a couple page, Vandalise is inactive, maybe you should do up this one.
  13. sthu!!!

  14. Yah, especially since his guide doesn't have PvE. Just stick in a noob section @ the front (or copy his? lol) and leave this...

    I doubt it'll get stickied though... Some of the best threads I've seen have been rejected!
  15. I only read the original post, but I have an alt with 24 L3 SOS, I think 15 L4 Guilds, and one L1 aviary, this one has 3 L3 CoE, and like 34 L4 guilds, this account makes over 10 mil more than my way bigger alt.
  16. ༄This is a holy grail... Lol. And a reference. Awesome job... Just please not so much pink text at once... T.T༄

  17. I haven't tried EBs with them, only HLBC OSFs.