Hansel Conversion

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  1. All this info

    I remember this
  2. What about participation bonus I heard there's more bonus with SOS after eBs is that true?
  3. I dont understand about assassnate plunder
  4. I upgraded lvl4 guild to lvl1 volary and made 250k more ally bonus. Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. i have one lvl 3 cursed and all lvl 4 guilds on low lands and 6 lvl 4 guilds on highlands my next land is 11 bill what should i do next?
  6. Another lvl4 guild...
  7. Thanku.. very helpful♡
  8. Sticky for the mighty melon
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  10. I tested this recently.

    35 L4 guilds
    1 l3 coe
    1 l3 castle

    Upgraded to sos 1 by 1 average 200k allies bonus lost, when i placed my 11th sos my allies bonus went up 150 and then 200k on my 12th. Hope this helps :/
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  12. This **** is old
  13. Whomis Hansel?
  14. Great an oldie but a goodie will probably be locked bc of a statless alt