Hansel Conversion

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  1. No thanks. I have no use of this guide.
  2. Although I'm sure it is very informative and helpful :D
  3. This is a very good and well built thread. Thanks for your time and effort for this thread Melon and i hope others agree with me also!
  4. You are quite correct I started flipping my guilds at 31 guilds with one coe and my stats are great now for rw and higher Ebs great guide btw
  5. SoS...

  6. Bump. Only because i don't want it to get auto deleted 
  7.  HI TURTLE 
  8. SoS, or Stronghold Of Shadows, is the next tier of spy buildings following the guild.
  9. TURTLE YOU ROCK!!! (Happy GaWing)
  10. Wow thnx for the time you put into this thread
  11. Nice guide!
  12. Not a guide, it's just to tell kaw news
  13. Great threat! I was thinking a lot about should i convert my guilds to SoS. thank u so much for this guide!!!
  14. "Great threat"
  15. There is no point converting guilds to SOS now  people don't listen lmao.

    Why waste building T4 because when t5 comes out you'll just swap the wasted T4. Guild hansels earn as much as a hlbc SOS Hansel in hauntings. Why build SOS just for the stats, you may aswell be patient and wait for T5. Will save you practically 2Trill
  16.  YAY Val!