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    Attention all Hansels!
    (This really only applies to players above Lowlands BC)

    [Note: The following is in reference to EPIC BATTLES not hitting OSFs]

    In the past, you have all heard the talk of how guild hansels earn a lot more plunder.. How you have to try and save up a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade 2/3 of your buildings to SoS to avoid a plunder a drop.. How everyone is just so afraid of converting to SoS!

    So.. I have some good news for you. There’s nothing to fear!

    If you don’t already know, the Devs are working towards abolishing plunder wars. Good riddance. So this means you need to stop thinking with a PW state of mind, and start shifting to an EB / Real War mindset.

    EDIT: They did abolish plunder wars :)

    So what does this all mean?
    You no longer have to fear converting your SoSs one by one! The plunder drop is only miniscule when hitting in The Haunting.

    When EBs came out, I was at
    • 34 Lvl 4 guilds, 2 Lvl3 SoS, and 1 CoE
    • ( 94,744 / 94, 744 / 588,920 / 588,920 )

    If my memory serves me correctly, I made about 24mill an attack.
    I hadn’t tested how much I made for a single assassination.

    I began to hate seeing my stats so low, so I decided to upgrade to
    • 31 Lvl 4 guilds, 4 Lvl3 SoS, 1 CoE and 1 Titan.
    • ( 173,416 / 198,424 / 678,340 / 678,340 )

    Here I did notice my plunder drop.. I then only made 22mill an attack.
    Although, it is possible that it dropped that much due to me not only destroying 2 guilds for SoSs, but a third for a Titan’s Lair.
    My reason at the time for this was I noticed that I hardly did any damage to the Apparitions, and I felt bad. So I thought I’d work towards increasing my stats for the benefit of my clan as a whole.
    I also tested one assassination, and made 26.7mill reward.

    Yesterday, I finally decided I was tired of having low stats.. A few of my allies had sold, so I took this opportunity to upgrade a large amount.

    I converted 8 Lvl 4 Guilds to Lvl 3 SoSs. So my build became:
    • 23 Lvl 4 Guilds, 12 Lvl3 SoS, 1 CoE and 1 Titan
    • ( 173,416 / 198,424 / 1,090,020 / 1,090,020 )

    As you can see, this significantly increased my stats. At this point, most of you would probably freak out thinking this would have dropped my plunder by A LOT.

    My plunder only dropped by 1.5mill. I went from earning 22mill per attack to 20.5mill (prior to the rewards, of course).
    I also re did my single assassination, and still managed to make 26.6mill reward.

    In saying all of this, you did see my plunder go down as I converted to SoS.
    But the point was to show that the difference was only incredibly small. Especially since in the last upgrade, I did 8 Lvl 3 SoSs all at once.. You’d expect that to be a large jump, but it only affected it by 1.5mill in attack and 1.1mill in an assassination.

    With Plunder Wars eliminated, and a new real war system focus, I imagine you’d want as larger stats are possible. As you can see, my plunder only dropped a miniscule amount, but my stats jumped from 680k to over 1mill! I think I’d rather have these stats than the tiny bit of extra money.

    The purpose of this thread is to not tell you that you have to convert to SoSs, but to just show you that if you did want to convert to SoS, then go for it. There’s no need to wait anymore. There’s no need to save up a large amount and upgrade in a single shot. There’s no need to follow this “2/3 rule”. Don’t be afraid of the plunder drop, because it’s not that big of a deal. And your stats will be so much better : )

    Not to mention you will also be a much more valuable tool in a real war ;)

    Note: These tests were all done against The Haunting.
    When I did these conversions, I didn’t actually do it with intent to do an official test. It was more of a personal thing and I was just experimenting for myself. So, unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots or formulae showing my previous results, so you just have to take my word for it.
  2. [​IMG]Updated Results **

    I have upgraded again and thought I would add these on.

    I converted another Lv4 Guild to a Lvl3 SoS, and also converted a guild to a Lvl3 CoE, so I am now at:
    • 21 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS, 2 CoE, 1 Titan
    • ( 268,160 / 293,168 / 1,127,980 / 1,127,980 )

    My results are now:
    • Assassination : 25,388,181
    • Attack (inc. reward) : 33,625,130
    • Attack (exl. reward) : 20,548,691
    • Item : 31,908,181

    If you compare this to my initial stats you can see it IS decreasing, but now keep in mind I'm not using a weaker potion with my attack. So I may be making 3.5mill less than before, but I am saving 4.5mill per pot (I also save 9.5mil on my first 4 attacks, because I use an ever cheaper pot).

    So really, by looking at "Attacks" only, it may seem like I am making 104mill (3.5mill x 26 hits) Less plunder, but in reality I am making actually making 60mill MORE Plunder! :mrgreen:

    And as I've said it a bunch of times before, you're also getting some awesome stats!
    Awesome stats = More Real War fun!

    Don't be shy guys. All you guilds hansels out there doing EBs - give it a go! You're missing out on a lot of fun ;)

    Reminder: I'm not telling you to copy my choice of attack buildings - That's your own choice. Keep in mind you can also gain strength via allies.. That's what hansels usually do. But you have to remember that Your OWN stats are worth 50x more than your allies (But your strength is weakened as your troops get low). So there are a lot of things to consider when you're deciding on whether to upgrade or buy an ally.

    More Updated Results *
    I have upgraded again and thought I would add these on.

    Last time I was at:
    • 21 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS, 2 CoE, 1 Titan
    • ( 268,160 / 293,168 / 1,127,980 / 1,127,980 )

    And was making:
    • Assassination : 25,388,181 (first assassination only)
    • Attack (exl. reward) : 20,548,691

    I converted more guilds to SoS, leaving the attack buildings as the same, and these were the results:

    21 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS = 20,548,691
    20 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl1 SoS = 20,529,728
    20 Lvl4 Guilds, 13 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl2 SoS = 20,498,861
    20 Lvl4 Guilds, 14 Lvl3 SoS = 20,525,335
    19 Lvl4 Guilds, 14 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl1 SoS = 20,507,782
    19 Lvl4 Guilds, 14 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl2 SoS = 20,477,753
    19 Lvl4 Guilds, 15 Lvl3 SoS = 20,521,113
    18 Lvl4 Guilds, 15 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl1 SoS = 20,505,018
    18 Lvl4 Guilds, 15 Lvl3 SoS, 1 Lvl 2 SoS = 20,480,170
    18 Lvl4 Guilds, 16 Lvl3 SoS = 20,531,088

    According to this, the plunder dropped when converting a Lvl4 Guild to a Lvl1 SoS (which was expected), and then dropped again when upgraded to Lvl2. But it increased slightly when upgraded to Lvl3, but was still lower than when I had the Lvl4 Guild.

    This pattern occurred throughout my upgrading, with my plunder slightly dropping on each conversion from guild to SoS. But I have finally reached the point where my plunder no longer decreases, and is back on the rise! :D

    I have 3 attack buildings instead of the 1 attack build, so this most probably affects the test results. But it shows that the plunder has started to increase. The # of SoSs out of spy buildings I have is 16/34 = 47%, and the # of SoSs out of all buildings was 16/37 = 43%.

    Not sure if this number means anything, but that's what my % of SoS to buildings are.

    All I have to test now is to see how it has affected my assassinations, item, and reward received from an attack now that my stats have increased. I'll continue to update this each time I get around to upgrading.

    So all in all, it is pretty conclusive that the plunder drop is only small when converting from Guilds to SoS, and your plunder does in fact increase after a certain point which was a theory pointed out in past threads.

    So the moral of the story is... Get upgrading to SoS! Feel free to follow Vandalise's T4 Hansel guide, but just know that you don't have to save 500b of whatever the ridiculous number was to upgrade a billion buildings in one go.

    Note: These tests were done on The Haunting, and therefore these results would not be accurate if hitting an OSF. The plunder drop in hitting in PWars is indeed significantly larger. This information refers to Epic Battles
  3. Nice guide 
  4. mhm... A friend of mine who came to visit me last week mentioned it, too. Didn't think too much of it since i'm not a hansel, but good you thought of telling the others ^_^
  5. Lol Pokey2. Thanks. It's not a guide though :p

    Wrathbane, I had suspected it were the case, but I didn't bother to actually try it out. But now I'm glad I did :D I figured I should tell people since I often see guides and questions about hansels stressing over the plunder drop :)
  6. Yep. Maybe the devs should make announcements when they mess with the mechanics, would make some things easier... xD
  7. Tx Mellon I'm a hansel about to explore the highlands once I do should I leave my guilds o low lands and just buy SOS on high lands

    And nice guide
  8. Great guide! Thanks for doing the footwork!
  9. Answered on the question thread, but will answer here also in case others want to know.

    Not just yet :)
    You want to at least buy the first 4 highlands and put guilds on them first, simply because the first 4 lands are still much cheaper than buying an SoS.

    You can still follow Vandalize's guide. It's just that when it gets to the part where it talks about changing 2/3 of your buildings, and says to save up a ridiculous amount, ignore it :)

    The plunder drop isn't as bad as it says. Well, not with EBs anyway. So from that point onwards, feel free to convert to SoSs at your own pace.
  10. Ty for this different point of view you have changed how I see hanseling
  11. Nice guide, I just wann add some of my opinion on this:

    Most of hansel accounts are alt acc, who were build to become an OSF later on. Thus, it is often cost-prohibited to build T4 (sometimes even T3) only to sell them later on to "open". Most hansel prefer pwar for that reason: so they can have more win attk without investing on pots. Hence the concern for plunder drop.

    Even with the OP attk stats, I doubt you can hit pve like the haunting without the use of pots. My hansel has T3 lvl3, and still needs to buy 7 pots ( up until the 7.5m pot) to sucessfully hit haunting.

    Also I think devs never plan to eliminate pwar, instead trying to phase out pwar by introduce pve.

    So if ur a hard working hansel, then pve is a good option. Otherwise pwar remains the best option for those just wann an easy unload and go.
  12. Melon my Alt has 700/700 spy stats and only gets 14mil for one assassination, I don't see how you were making 10 mil more per hit than me with less stats.
  13. By the way Sqider, just use the 2.5mil and 7.5mil pot it will save you money.
  14. I am a weak hansel :(
  15. Oh thanks Godly for the advice . Will try it next time 
  16. What does your build consist of? That does seem quite odd if that's what you are getting. Because I definitely made 26m in one assassination. Keep in mind an assassination doesn't actually earn you any plunder. It only earns you a reward.

    How did you calculate yours? I went an entire EB only doing 1 assassination in the whole thing. I was at work at the time so it didn't bother me that I wasted 2 hours :p

  17. Ah, you two, the payout is also based on how much plunder is made in total by the others, isn't it? Always depends how much is made and how many actions the other's did. (Pure speculation here, but that's my best bet.)
  18. Emm, I just realised I averaged a full unload so maybe that's it :D

    Good thread, I was beginning to think that the 2/3s concept seemed a bit off you EBs

    By the way is have 6 SOS level 3
    1 War Aviary level three
    And 26 guilds level three.