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  1. Hello another account was hacked today (not naming account) and it is getting ridiculous at this point and ata is taking 0 responsibility for this. Please make sure to disconnect your facebook account from kaw and have a very safe password unable to hack, this is very important and needs to be done.
  2. If people are hacking Facebook to get into kaw, users have more problems than their kaw passwords
  3. Devs,

    Can you PLEASE provide the kawmunity with some sort of updates or reassurances that accounts will be refunded of there stats/charms/allies.

    Also, sort your damn security before it’s too late and people walk away from the game.
  4. How do you disconnect FB?
  5. Message feedback
  6. They have the guy talking in cc and saying deleting this etc. Dev response has currently been "we cant do anything"

    Well guess its time to back charge everything ive spent on ata. Might wake them up.
  7. Oh no. Anything but that Sir! You'll bankrupt the company. How will they continue!? Plis no
  8. I very much doubt that facebook is the issue of the accounts being hacked. But, for your safety and concern, you can try and submit a ticket to get it removed. - I say this because, usually, there are precausions with facebook & new logins. If a login is made from a new location, it will ask for "verification" (code to your e-mail / text etc) to verify that it is you. When that fails, you'll then be temporarily locked out & will be shown a screen to confirm if "you logged in from a new location", with the date, time, location & more.
    (just note, this is from my past experiences from other occasions)

    I mentioned before, and will mention again, for those with ATA accounts linked; If you havent changed your password in a while, or have used it in other places / websites, I'd highly recommend to get it changed to something new & complicated. (and if you have any further conserns with your ATA ID E-Mail, then submit a ticket to see how this may get changed).

    Whilst claimed that ATA ID's remain safe & secure, we would really like to see more protection for us, as individuals, like a 2fa system for new logins (e.g a code sent to your linked e-mail or phone upon a new / any login).

    Would be a terrible thing for you & i'd highly recommend against that. Would probably give you a bigger wake up call
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  9. Databases can often be compromised elsewhere. If you use the same password for multiple accounts etc. then you also run the risk of having your ATA / email etc accessible.
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  10. This.

    If you're a ******* and use the same password for multiple things it's on you if you get hacked.
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  11. The devs don’t give a crap😂😂 they give the basic don’t give ur pass blah blah unless u put in 1000s or bucks then they might care
  12. Someone tried hacking my account too.

    My biggest beef is I lost 249 mobs opening a premium cheat that appeared as a normal cheat.
  13. I thought the hacking problem was that if they found out your email (with the forum issue) they could make unlimited attempts on your password without any type of “3rd attempt lockout for an hour” etc.
    I think that’s how Valks account got taken and ATA still haven’t done anything about it.
  14. The best way to disconnect facebook is within Facebooks Kaw App Page. You can unlink there. Failing that send feedback to see if ATA can help.

    I would think that simply changing every password you have if you feel your data or anything is at risk.

    Preferably something over 16 digits with numbers randomly mixed in.

    Stay safe on the internet not just kaw.