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  1. Hi Kaw community :D

    So... I have recently made a war clan and we are doing very successful 9/1. We have beaten some of the top war clans and are looking to become a big war family.

    Me and 007____BOND____007 currently own it and are looking for fast experienced warriors. Are perm warriors that show exceptionable Waring talents will get to have clan tags and banner.

    We currently have around 25 perm warriors and are looking for more. At the war clan perms stay and we run HTE.

    Alright thanks Kaw community and follow me if your interested. (-: (Be ready to make war changes).
  2. Support 1000%
  3. Im the 1 in your 9-1
  4. Support and all changes are just a ps1 roster with sdt for now. Super simple ;)
  5. Cause of an inactive sadly. I wasn't in that war but know story. Want to match y'all again and win this time. :)
  6. Support, u could also wall or pm me if you would like to join
  7. il be the two when we match. ;)

  8. Cant blame the inactive...i was actually inactive myself that war
  9. Bumpty bumbty slumpty....Christmas time is cheer. Santa is fat...I support this message
  10. Wait Santa is fat?
  11. Somebody got into the eggnog a little early
  12. What are the odds that one of your perm warriors (ha) caused you to add a 1 to your record xD
  14. Yea right scrub
  15. Well they wouldn't be a perm no more ๎–
  16. Good initiative Tank and Bond๎€Ž support.
  17. Well it kinda happened xD
  18. Says the noob :p
  19. Get off our thread, go make your own if u wanna talk smack