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  1. The following forum is a work in progress. I put together a list of all of the eb equipment with their total combined stats and then the total combined stats of the transmuted charm (I may have missed a couple plz let me know). I also added a few event equipment to show the difference. At the end of the post is a discussion of some of the 'math' I found as I did this.

    -------------EPIC BATTLE EQ------------
    Equipment stats------------->Charm stats

    Iron Gauntlets
    Lvl 4=8.8mill----------------->88,000
    Claw Gauntlets
    lvl 10=11mill------------------>110,000
    Tarragon Gloves***
    Lvl 1=8.9mill----------------->890,156
    Lvl 2=9.74mill--------------->974,000
    Lvl 3=10.47mill-------------->1.05mill

    Leonine Arm Plate
    Lvl 0=6mill------------------>60,000
    Sun Flare Bracers***
    Lvl 10=34.1mill-------------->341,757
    Aureate Bracer
    Lvl 0=16mill---------------->160,000
    Lvl 1=17.2mill--------------->172,000
    Lvl 2=18.4mill-------------->184,000
    Lvl 3=20mill---------------->200,000
    Lvl 4=21.6mill-------------->216,000
    Lvl 5=23.5mill-------------->235,000

    Viridescent Shield
    Lvl 0=2mill----------------->20,000
    Lvl 1=2.5mill--------------->25,000
    Lvl 2=3mill----------------->30,000
    Lvl 3=3.5mill--------------->35,000
    Lvl 4=4mill----------------->40,000
    Desert Cloak
    Lvl 9=28.33mill------------->283,300
    Quicksilver Plates
    Lvl 0=10mill----------------->100,000

    Hystricidae Helmet
    Lvl 0=540,000--------------->5,400
    Stalwart Helmet***
    Lvl 0=2.47mill--------------->24,700
    Deathstalker Helm
    Lvl 10=6.1mill---------------->61,000
    Bloodless Helm***
    Lvl 10=9.33mill--------------->932,859

    Silica Ring of Silence
    Lvl 0=1.35mill---------------->13,500
    Ring of Illusion***
    Lvl 10=10.8mill--------------->127,500
    Enchanted Snare Ring
    Lvl 0=400,000--------------->4,000
    Stinger Ring
    Lvl 10=11.2mill---------------->111,931
    Mesmeric Ring***
    Lvl 11=18.6mill---------------->1.86mill
    Talon Ring***
    Lvl 11=21.14mill--------------->2.114mill

    Crown of Virtue
    Lvl 0=4.5mill----------------->45,000
    Deathstalker amulet
    Lvl 10=12.6mill--------------->125,685
    Torrent Talisman***
    Lvl 4=10mill------------------>100,000
    Jaws of Death***
    Lvl 1=7.2mill------------------>747,000

    Armor of Eternal Fire
    Lvl 0=5% def---------------->0
    Vermeil Breastplate***
    Lvl 0=4.6mill---------------->46,000
    Nether Realm Breastplate
    Lvl 0=5mill------------------>50,000
    Exoskeleton Armor
    Lvl 10=62mill---------------->620,000
    Dragon Scale Armor***
    Lvl 1=34.8mill--------------->3.481mill

    Hooves of Destruction
    Lvl 0=700,000--------------->7,000
    Gold-plated Greaves
    Lvl 0=24mill----------------->240,000
    Arachnidian Greaves
    Lvl 10=50.22mill------------->502,200

    Steadfast Sollerets
    Lvl 4=6.9mill----------------->69,000
    Pinioned Boots
    Lvl 0=3% atk 5% def 2% s-def---->0
    Boots of the Badlands
    Lvl 10=7.4mill---------------->74,000

    Searing Sickle***
    Lvl 0=1.4mill----------------->14,000
    Abyssal Blade***
    Lvl 0=10% atk 10% s-atk----->0
    Lvl 4=16mill----------------->160,000
    Lvl 0=17mill----------------->170,000
    Dragon Minion***
    Lvl 11=74.6mill-------------->7.457mill

    Ice Guardian's Shield
    Lvl 0=5% def---------------->0
    Skorpion Shield
    Lvl 10=41mill---------------->410,000

    -----------EVENT EQUIPMENT-----------
    Equipment stats------------->Charm stats

    Forgeguard's Heavy Gauntlets
    Lvl 10=360.2mill------------->36.02mill

    Coralline Vambraces
    Lvl 10=329.7mill-------------->50.14mill

    Alchemist Shoulders
    Lvl 0=392.7mill--------------->50.12mill

    Theiftain murtkowl
    Lvl 10=70mill----------------->6.04mill

    Ring of Rays
    Lvl 10=91.17mill-------------->9.117mill

    Nakra jadu Talisman
    Lvl 8=302mill---------------->30.2 mill

    Embercrow breast
    Lvl 0=527.73mill------------->66.77mill

    Pantherine legplate
    Lvl 9=123.67mill------------->12.5mill

    So the 'math' or pattern I found is that the lower equipment earned from epic battles reduces its stats by a magnitude of 100. For example, if a piece of equipment had a total of 10,000,000 or 10mill combined stats, then its charm would have 100,000 combined stats.

    This, however, I found does not hold true for the Scrag equipment. For example, the tarragon Gloves at lvl 1, as shown above, has a combined stat of approximately 8,900,00 or 8.9mill. Now transmute it to a charm and it has the stats of 890,000. This shows that the Scrag eb, generally only reduces its stats by a magnitude of 10.

    I know I only added a few event equipment drops to this list. I will add more as time goes on. But my 'math' does not seem to hold for the event equipment. A few of them hold true to the reduction of 10 and a few hold true to a reduction of 100. However, some of them don't seem to have a pattern at all. As I add more event equipment I'll do my best to find a pattern for them as well.


    If people would like to send me some stats that they found on equipment I don't have plus feel free!!
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