Guide to the Oracle

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  1. Back in your cage, dtm!
  2. Read my second comment before you whip me again, master 
  3. Oh thank gawd.

    I thought I was going to have to stick you in the re-learning room.

    And no one comes out of there the same.

    My next thread is going to be: how to open kingdoms at war. And request a sticky.
  4. Full support! I'll be sure to flood support's inbox once you post it 
  5. You are basically typing what the description already says right underneath each option/propack; not only is this already self explanatory, but your guide might as well just be the pictures because repeating the text that is already written does no good.
  6. Wow cheap xtals
  7. I think ...

    This should be written in binary instead of copying out everything...

    01010010001001110011001010010010010001010101010100010101010 (idk what that says but I bet its something like "OMG COOL GUIDE BRUH)
  8. Oracle isn't too hard to navigate.

    I don't mean to hate on you.
  9. Ok fucker I'm better den you
  10. I thought it was a pretty dumb idea too until I saw similar stickied threads in other ATA games...
  11. Lol I'm Jk thx
  12. I can clarify that devs still give Xtals when returning after a long period of time.

    I got 5 once.
  13. Upgrade castle to lvl4 then you unlock Higher Mage. 20 HF unlock required. Higher Mage enchants with less fail ratio but double enchantment cost :)
  14. Nice. Was it worth it though? We know the only reasons you'd make this is to either "get a stickied thread" or to "Help Newbs". Honestly most people in the game aren't that generous so I'm guessing number one. Great effort and job well done though.
  15. Yeah you're right it is the first reason I made this.
  16. So this crap still exists while all of my stickied guides which I spent so much time and effort on are deleted.
    Way to add insult to injury.
  17. Welcome back.
  18. Thanks, but the way things are, I'm probably leaving in the next 5 minutes or so.
  19. If youre in it fr the community please stay :) But if you want to be build complete or want cool equipments and banners might as well leave (unless you're willing to form out real $$$)