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  1. What is the Oracle?

    The Oracle is an in-game feature which provides benefits and bonuses in game which are purchased with premium currency (ie nobility points, and crystals, not gold)

    How do I access the oracle?

    1. Head to the home screen and tap the "marketplace tab"


    2. Tap the "oracle" tab on the top left.


    You will now find yourself at the oracle.


    What is this premium currency? (Mentioned above)

    Nobility points (commonly known as nobs) are used to purchase troop regenerations, in-game gold, a new name, or more ally slots. (These will be explained later)

    Crystals (usually known as xtals) regenerate your army and spies. One crystal gives one regeneration.

    How do I get nobility points?

    If you want nobility points in bulk, you must purchase them with real cash. Smaller amounts of nobility points can be found at random while questing.

    How do I get crystals?

    They can be bought with real cash, (like nobility points) and you can obtain a good stock of crystals through questing. Around once or twice a year, the developers also may give free crystals to players (don't count on this though)
    If you have returned to the game after a long time, you may also obtain some crystals upon accessing the game to help you to "get back into it" (this has happened to me twice, but I'm not sure if they still do this)

    What nob packs are available?

    10 nobility points:


    50 and 200 Nobility points:


    765 nobility points:


    What crystal packs are available?

    5 Health Crystals, 1 Bonus and 20 Health Crystals, 12 Bonus:


    100 health crystals, 68 bonus:


    Oracle features:


    - Allows you to purchase extra gold.
    - Rejuvenates your army and spies back to 100%.
    - Allows you to purchase a name change.
    - Allows you to purchase more ally slots.

    Extra gold purchase:

    After tapping on the tab which offers money you will be shown something like this:


    The amount of money offered to you will vary on the size of your kingdom.
    To confirm your purchase, simply tap the big blue "ok" button at the bottom.

    Restoring army and spies:

    You can choose to either pay 10 nobility points or a health crystal to restore your armies and spies.

    There is a limit as to how many health crystals you can use in an Epic Battle and how many used in total in 24 hours.

    Name change:

    Once you tap the name change tab you will be confronted with this:


    If you make a mistake you won't get compensation, and you may look like a fool.
    You cannot use profanity, sexually explicit material or anything else that is against the ToU in your name.

    Once you have chosen your name click "Accept for 20 points" at the bottom.

    Extra Ally Slots:

    You must have 250 allies to unlock the ability to buy 10 additional slots.

    Pro packs

    Pro packs are packs bought with real money that contain bonuses that include a sum of nobility points, and speakers, as well as a special item which gives a permanent battle bonus. (You can never lose this item, even if you reset)

    You will also get a shiny new "pro" banner:


    What pro packs are available?

    The Siege Pack and Guardian Pack:


    Siege Pack: 5% Attack Bonus, 10 Speakers, 10 Nobility Points.

    Guardian Pack: 5% Defence Bonus, 10 Speakers, 10 Nobility Points.

    The Sabotage Pack and Mercernary Pack:


    Sabotage Pack: 5% Spy Attack Bonus, 10 Speakers, 10 Nobility Points.

    Mercernary Pack: 5% Spy Defence Bonus, 10 Speakers, 10 Nobility Points.

    The Shadow Pack and Chaos Pack:


    Shadow Pack: 10% Spy Attack and Defence Bonus, 50 Speakers, 60 Nobility Points.

    Chaos Pack: 10% Attack and Defence Bonus, 100 Speakers, 500 Nobility Points.

    All prices start from lowest to highest and are given in British Pound Sterling.
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