Guide to performing admin/owner duties

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  1. If you don't already know this basic info maybe you shouldnt be a admin....js....
  2. Erm ok what about
    Teaching new players how to play
    How to build.
    How to attack eb and pvp
    Recruiting for clan
    Running ebs that can challenge your clan
    Team building exercises
    Personal management skills
    How to comfort a clanny when they are upset?
    How to support players in game goals and if you can't run the eb they need find them one where you can get them in.
    How to deal with farmers 1v1 clan farms osw
    How to form an alliance.
    What requirements does an admin need. How to talk in cc. Just to get people interested.
    There is sooooo much more to being a clan owner or admin than pressing a few buttons.
    Could go on buy not now. Try to include these in your op next thread. Because its the people skills and friendships and enabling players that grow and build clans. Not pressing start epic battle button.
  3. I agree,theres way more that goes into clan ownership/admin,theres to many overambitious people who want to own clans and don't have the first clue as to what there doing,it just seems 'cool' to them to powertrip and be a clan owner or admin,if you dont have at least have some commen knowledge of the game you shouldnt be a clan owner/admin and first and foremost if you cant afford the 25b to make a clan you don't need to run one so stop begging for someone to make you a clan in the wc
  4. Despite the funny photo, please avoid necrobumping
  5. Very well written and thought out.thank you I will be reading it often
  6. There's no such thing as plunder wars in KaW
  7. There is, also know as system wars or old school wars. No one does then anymore as they are no longer seen as a good way to make gold when they have HTE to farm all day.
  8. A pwar isn't the same as an OSW :lol:
  9. Hello,

    We have a problem. The Clan Owner resetted the account or don't exist anymore. How we can change the owner to one of clan admins ?

    Thank you
  10. Hmm so its not owner's reponsibility to reply when admin kicks a member for no proper reason? :lol:
  11. Bedankt voor t schrijven
  12. ok what are the points for and how do you get points to change clan name
  13. I miss old Tommy. Though we do talk in another game. ;)
  14. Contact support
  15. I think chocolate23 is going to have to make a new guide...
  16. This needs an update badly
  17. People really needed a guide for this? Lmao