Guide to performing admin/owner duties

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  1. Any chance of making a thread or saying we're can read a thread?to learn more experienced things about being owner of a clan?
  2. What happens if I'm owner and give someone else the role of owner? Do I become member? Or do I stay owner and they become co-owner?
    Thanks in advance. Cheers
  3. Dutch noob! Writing a guide and not telling your clan mates so they can read it... Tststs 
  4. i really liked this guide, even though i knew it i liked the actual pics and how to on a phone or idevice
  5. Times have changed since this.
  6. @Dirka u will become member and they will become owner also good job on the guide it is a good filler untill people figure out the game better, get used to being admin/owner and just remember how to do all that stuff
  7. How much does it cost to start a clan?
  8. This needs to be updated
  9. This thread needs to be updated :rolls:
  10. :lol: my bad :roll:
  11. ___
    /. .\
    __ __\___/__ __
    \ \ / \ __/ \ / /
    \__|\__ / \__ /|__/
    |/ \___/ \|
    \__ / \__ /
    / \__\__ /_ / \
    \/ \/ \/
    Meet my turtle he is the best admin you can have. So make me admin so he can help you.
  12. Damn it's all screwed up wth
  13. If they don't know how to do this. They should't be owner or admin :roll:
  15. isnt it now 25B for a clan? guide needs to be redone but its a great guide nontheless :)