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  1. I was a noob for a while when I first started, I couldn't get past 200k cs. Then someone finally told me that allies are very necessary. HIRE ALLIES YOU NOOBS!

  2. This was required?
  3. Couldn't of said it better...
  4. *insert mother of god meme*
  5. Lol at ops banner
  6. i appreciate you trying, but come on. you cant honestly think someone hasnt posted a better guide before.
  7. Y you scouting me? You mad bro. What a little kid who don't got no temper.
  8. No...this is just spam...and a war game :roll:
  9. As bad of a thread this is there is truth behind it. Allies help you grow no matter the size. Try explaining why next time and put a little more thought into the thread :) ️
  10. you mean he has a temper.. lol good job op you created another one of these threads 
  11. When you post out on the forums it's like putting it in a bag where it can be randomly drawn and attacked....
  12.  lol genius analogy
  13. Dude you're still a noob
  14. Thanks so much. I was super confused.
  15. This actually is right but also if you at one point stay at have just like 1 mil go to a haunting the escape clan an just buy 200 seal of destructions and do the item phase. My first Time doing that I got 11 bil
  16. You are still a noob :|
  17. I remember a gh without allies that was trying to grow
  18. Thanks, this really helped me grow
  19. *slowly buys allies and waits for miracle*
  20. This is my alt account :)