Guide to New Event RIDDLES

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    To get a riddle: attack any of the fairies by searching their name, and it will give you a riddle.

    Tip: block each fairy for an easy link to them from your blocked list.

    - FAIRIES -
    Rafflesia: Red, scarlett
    Ophrys: Purple, violet
    Delphinium: Blue, sapphire, aqua
    Arrowwood: Green, emerald, viridian

    - ACTIONS -
    Attack: offense, onslaught,
    Scout: observe, explore,
    Steal: robbery, looting, plunder
    Assassinate: murder, assassinate, kill,

    - BLOSSOMS -
    Fireblossom: fiery, flaming
    Frostblossom: cold
    Windblossom: airy, breezy
    Earthblossom: wood, sylvan

    To purchase flowers:
    Complete any premium EBs or: LotL, NotH, GotH to receive seedlings. Free chests might drop a seedling and royal chests are guaranteed to drop a seedling. Purchase a blossom from the marketplace using the same type of seedling.

    • I am an emerald faerie who wants a breezy gift. Deliver it with observation and you shall see your fortunes lift.
    • This means: Scout Arrowwood with a windblossom
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  2. Sorry about any formatting issues, the edit function is really glitchy and won’t let me access certain parts of the text.
  3. Thank you very helpful/ Support
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  5. Steal - plunder, theft

    Attack - assault

    Assa - killing

    Scout - investigate
  6. Here are a few more terms used-

    Fairy Colors: Lime, Violet, Aqua
    Actions: Assassination (literally tells me to do this in the riddle)
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  7. Hush, you.

    Thank you for the updates everyone! I’ll try to add them to the OP at some point.
  8. Yayyyyy Poison is on top of this event 🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤
  9. How do you know that it is Arrowwood?
  10. It'll say something like "I am an emerald fairy" or "I am a green fairy" or whatever. Arrowwood's clothing and overall hue is green.
  11. When did you become an EB fairy Poison?
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  12. I’ll remind you next time I kick your ass in war 😘
  13. I’m confused my riddle when footfall is interrupted by most of everything I’ve tried all four actions twice and I keep getting 2 of 3 three right
  14. So either your fairy or your blossom is wrong. Feel free to pm me your riddle.
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  15. I have attacked stole assain and scouted all NOTHING
  16. My riddle says to deliver with a pilering, which I’m pretty sure is a made up word or perhaps a typo (pilfering?). Has anyone had that one and guessed right?
  17. It’s a typo. It’s meant to say pilfering (steal).
  18. The action is steal. You probably got a different part of the riddle wrong.