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  1. *update - go to poison’s thread for easier solution. I forgot to attack for the initial clue. Oops. Guess I overestimated kaw for giving us something interesting.

    This new event has a very interesting logic puzzle built in as a side legend, and I will try to make the directions a little clearer for the layman to understand.

    There are 4^3 or 64 possible combinations of faery, attack type, and flower, and each time you guess a correct combination, everything resets, and you have to start guessing all over again.

    Each time you guess a combo, you will receive a hint telling you how many of the three parts you got correct. Use these to eliminate parts until you have the correct combo. Let’s walk through a sample guessing round.

    Make a grid like this.

    Raff attack flame
    Arrow scout frost
    Delph steal wind
    Orph ass earth

    Now let’s pretend the combo is currently raff scout wind. What’s our first guess?

    Say I will choose orph attack flame. The notification I will get goes something like “can’t be more wrong than thee.” Now I know none of my choices were correct.

    After that my grid looks like this. X denotes incorrect.

    Raff X X
    Arrow scout frost
    Delph steal wind
    X ass earth

    Now let’s guess arrow scout frost. It will tell me two out of three are incorrect. This doesn’t help much for now so onto the next guess.

    I choose delph steal earth. None correct! I cross them out.

    Raff X X
    Arrow scout frost
    X X wind
    X ass X

    Now at this point we know that the faery is raph or arrow, so we can do this to find our faery. Match raff with two we know are not correct. Let’s do raff attack flame. If the hint says one is correct, raff is our faery. If the hint says all are wrong, arrow is our faery. We test and indeed raff is our faery.

    Raff X X
    X scout frost
    X X wind
    X ass X

    Okay now we know that from scout and frost, one of these is correct because our arrow scout frost told us so and arrow was incorrect. Thus, the combo is either raff scout wind or raff ass frost because we need both to be correct not just one.

    Test one of these combos and if it is incorrect, the other one is correct.

    Of course, this is a logical way to solve the puzzle. The brute force way involves testing all 64 combos one after the other, but that would take a long time and a lot of flowers.

    Hope this helped.

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  2. I may be dumb but I still don’t get it
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  3. Your example makes it all so much clearer. Thank you.
  4. Doesn't the riddle make all of this work irrelevant?
  5. lol devs act as if we all care about the game enough to figure out these dumb af legends and riddles :confused:
  6. Basically KaW version of classic game of Clue
  7. I have no clue atm still 😫😂🙈
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  8. Yeah I'm not getting this either I'm lost😳.
  9. Thank you, that helped a great deal. Doesn't make it any more or less of a pain in the ass, just shows what a pain in the ass it's going to be. Is it worth it? Somehow, considering the game I doubt it...
  10. I am a scarlet fairy who wants a dirty gift. Deliver it with observation and see ur fortune lift

    My guess is scout redhead fairy with an earth flower
  11. I've seen loot/observation/theft/assassination as action words so far
  12. Or, instead of logic puzzling it, you could just read the initial clues and hints lol
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  13. Bro what
  14. Me too
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  15. Anyone who’s having trouble follow Saber and he’ll give you a very simplified run down, and help you out with solving the riddle. :)
  16. When 9yr olds start taking theoretical game theory 🤔
  17. Where to find this fairy?
  18. They are ingame accounts searchable through the battle list. Rafflesia, delphinium, arrowwood, and ophrys.
  19. Been playing for 7 years this is the dumbest event I've ever seen why won't you make it even harder for people to play
  20. This is a war game not a clue game right..... maybe that is why your other games has failed???? Thank the dumbass that made this event for losing you guys money this week morons....
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