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  1. Where do I find Furnishings on my Profile?

    Click on your profile scroll down to furnishings it will automatically bring you to your throne room. Swipe left and right to enter the other two rooms to see all the furnishings.

    Down below is furnishing piece, stats, and nobility cost.


    Throne Room is the Center Room
    Weapon Room is to the Left Room
    Pet Room is to the Right Room

    Throne Room:
    Throne 8,000,000 499 nobs
    Left Throne 450,000 29 nobs
    Right Throne 450,000 29 nobs
    Dias (Stairs) 1,400,000 89 nobs
    Pillars 1,000,000 69 nobs
    Banner 300,000 19 nobs
    Carpet 600,000 39 nobs
    Wall 300,000 19 nobs

    Left Room/Weapon Room:
    Top Left 800,000 49 nobs
    Top Right/Weapon 4,800,000 299 nobs
    Middle Left 800,000 49 nobs
    Left Bottom 1,400,000 89 nobs
    Right Bottom 3,200,000 199 nobs
    Wall 300,000 19 nobs
    Floor 300,000 19 nobs

    Right Room/Pet Room:
    Chandelier 1,6000,000 99nobs
    Pet 16,000,000 999 nobs
    Pet Food/Bottom Right 800,000 49 nobs
    Chamber Wall 300,000 19 nobs

    All furnishings start out at level one.

    How do I get Furnishings?

    Step 1) Hit the epic battles during the event.
    To get these different furnishings you need to be active in epic battles to acquire the event boxes. Unlimited amount of these boxes are dropped throughout the day, but only one box is dropped per eb.

    Step 2) Collect your Reward Boxes

    To open your reward box you will need to use 1,000 pieces of Gold. To get these reward boxes you have to complete an epic battle. You can keep these in your inventory until the event ends and open them all together or open them when the Event Legends pop up.

    Step 3) Be social!

    Another way to accumulate these event furnishings is trade with friends or people you see in world chat. Most common way is trading reward charms/equipment charms for furnishings. Depending on the buyer and the seller of the furnishings the prices in mcs/b can vary.

    Step 4) You can Spend Nobility to Buy Furnishings!
    You can go into your furnishings and purchase the pieces one by one by their nobility pricing. Up above is the list of furnishings with their Nobility Price.

    Upgrading Furnishings to other Levels

    Down below is the list per Level with the amount of Level 1 furnishings you will need to upgrade them.

    Thrones is just an example of how many of each furnishing you will need per level.

    Level 1=1, Throne
    Level 2=2, 2 Thrones
    Level3=4, 4 Thrones
    Level4=8, 8 Thrones
    Level5=14, 14 Thrones
    Level6=22, 22 Thrones
    Level7=32, 32 Thrones
    Level8=44, 44 Thrones
    Level9=58, 58 Thrones
    Level10=74 74 Thrones

    From there, you can keep your furnishings, trade your furnishings or horde your furnishings for yourself.

    How do I Dismantle my Furnishings?

    Click on your throne icon, scroll down to where all of your thrones are. Once you see all of your thrones click and hold down on the one you’d like to dismantle. It will bring you to a new window with the dismantle, equipped, and upgrade buttons.
    It will show you the: blue ignot, yellowstone, red lumber and the cushion you get back for dismantling the throne.

    Hold the button down and it will dismantle the furnishing for you.

    Do I have to Dismantle?

    You do NOT have to dismantle furnishings if you don’t want to. You can have as many furnishings as you’d like in your inventory. But to upgrade your furnishings to different levels you will need to dismantle that particular furnishing.

    How do I Upgrade my Furnishings?

    Click on one of your furnishing pieces, I’m going to keep using throne as my example.

    Click on your furnishings and you will automatically be in your throne room. Tap the little furnishing icon (bottom left armchair position on the throne) until the other thrones pop up on the bottom of your screen.

    Once you see all of your thrones click and hold down on the one you’d like to upgrade. It will bring you to a new window with the Dismantle, Equipped, and Upgrade buttons.
    Click Upgrade

    It will bring you to a screen where it says to upgrade to Level 2

    0/35 Blue Ingot
    0/35 Yellow Sandstone
    0/35 Red Lumber
    0/9 Cushion

    Key Component in upgrading a Throne is a Cushion
    Each furnishing has its own key component to upgrade to the next level!! Which are not tradable.

    35/35 Blue Ingot
    35/35 Yellow Sandstone
    35/35 Red Lumber
    9/9 Cushion

    The key to upgrading is having all of these upgrading materials.

    When upgrading furnishings it's really common to run out of these materials. Trading them with other players is a good way to replenish your supplies. Another way to obtain these materials is by dismantling your furnishings.You can not upgrade Banner, Walls, and Floors. BUT you can dismantle these furnishings for the materials.

    Furnishing Upgrade Materials

    Depending on the War Banner that you chose when you first started Kaw you will get more of one upgrading material.

    War Banner of the Conquerer:Red Lumber
    War Banner of the Monarch:Blue Ingot
    War Banner of the Defender:Yellow Sandstone

    How do I Equip my Furnishings?

    When your throne is equipped you will see it in your inventory labelled as IN USE.

    Where do I find my Stats for Furnishings?

    Go to your profile, scroll down to furnishings and look beside it.
    There’s a small grid with the stats right to the left of where you click View More.

    All Level 1 Furnishings

    Different Levels of Furnishings

    How do I know if I have New Furnishings?

    Go into your furnishings on your profile, it will bring you automatically to the throne room. If you have new furnishings there will be a distinct red icon and NEW red tag above that furnishing. When you see this it means you have new furnishings under that furnishing slot. In the below image is an example of having all new furnishings in the throne room.

    See Image Below:

    If you click on an icon and view that particular furnishing the Red Icon and the NEW Label will disappear.
    Make sure you click on owned or else these furnishing will stay labeled.

    See Image Below:

    The above image shows us that you have viewed your new throne, and the labels have disappeared letting us know that we are up to date on our furnishings.
    Disclaimer this last piece on Furnishings is only on iOS!!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thread, best of luck collecting Furnishings, I hope this thread was some what helpful to you. - VAMPY
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