Guide to Crest Plate use

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  1. That's called luck or lack of it
  2. This account got lucky. Last 6 ebs gave a total of 20 crestplates, that’s like 500t in gold
  3. I have gone 24-48h with no drops numerous times, but yesterday got 20 shards dropped 3 ebs in a row. Rng is a fickle mistress.
  4. Thank you everyone for all of this info.
  5. How many lands must be opened before I have access to sand lands
  6. Explore 10 deepmine lands.
  7. So is it better to fully upgrade fatesands or just to lvl 7
  8. Better in what sense?
  9. Gold per plate. In one section (first one) you have it at 28t per plate (5.6 sell) but in the other its less than 5 per plate sell
  10. Ah, yeah. The cost in gold goes up at a way faster rate than cost in crests for fatesands. It is more efficient gold-wise to use crests at higher levels.

    Since you can't use crests for lv9 or lv10 though, my personal thoughts on the subject are to stockpile gold while using crests for all lv1-8, as those last two levels will be horribly pricey (I believe it's 3.4q/5.1q or so each for the last two levels? Someone correct me if that's off). How you use gold is always up to individuals, but that is my philosophy on it.
  11. Im saying in one section you have the peak ratio at lvl 7 but the other you have it at 8. You have conflicting numbers
  12. It's not that it's conflicting it's simply that the average cost of the plates is greater at level 8 than level 7. The key thing being that it's the average.

    Level 7 is best plate to gold ratio for that specific upgrade. Level 8 is in the category that if you were to work out how much gold you would have spent to upgrade that far and divide by how many plates it would have cost you see the average cost per plate to upgrade to that level.

    Let me make up an example.

    Imagine we have a building with 3 levels.

    Level 1 costs 10b or 5 plates (2b per plate)
    Level 2 costs 20b or 10 plates (2b per plate)
    Level 3 costs 40b or 25 plates (1.6b per plate)

    Total costs:
    Level 1 10b or 5 plates (2b per plate)
    Level 2 30b or 15 plates (still 2b per plate)
    Level 3 70b or 40 plates (1.75b per plate)

    The average costs are not necessarily the same as the level costs.

    The data thrawn shows is that if you want to use your plates the best way possible then level 7 is the best level to use it on to save on gold. Level 8 is the best level if you want to use plates to build up and sell the building for gold. The new lands isn't really the best one to look at this category for as most won't be selling these buildings for cash.
  13. Oh duh... I see now. Thanks!
  14. Ahhhh, I completely misunderstood your question. Thanks kezzer for clarifying :)
  15. Any calculation for plunder increase per level building upgrade on fatesands land? Cs calculations are there.
  16. Plunder amounts aren't really within the scope of this guide. I haven't collected that data, personally.
  17. Great thread very informative and helpful thanks