Guide to Crest Plate use

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  1. How can I get in deepmine
  2. You need to buy the 15th land in osman rai to unlock deepmine.
  3. Great guide. Thanks.
    For the portion on amount of gold returned when tearing down a building, you assumed that the maximum return is by tearing down a level 1 building. However for deepmine, this is not so as the best return would be tearing down a level 4 building. Hence, the relative percentages should be based on level 4 being 100% and the rest of levels relative to this.
    Minor changes to a great guide.
  4. I did note that, however for the sake of consistency across lands I decided to keep the relative gold return based on level 1 buildings.
  5. Bump for dragon
  6. This will be updated for fatesand lands soon, within a day or two. Stay tuned!

    Edit 3/15/19 late in my evening: sorry, I've been lazy and watching too much anime. Tomorrow (Saturday)!
  7. Will the update include selling buildings as well or a bit longer than a few days for that info?
  8. That portion will likely wait slightly longer, as I currently have the plate costs but not gold costs. Hopefully still fairly soon though, data collection gets faster and faster each major release I feel like.
  9. How come drop rates for tnk are worse than goth/noth for the new plates?
  10. Any proof that they're worse? Is it from your own experience or from what you see in clan history? I've heard nk drops are better than noth goth and lotl but again it's just what I've heard.
  11. Personal experience and also many people saying the same
  12. It 100% was worse. Same drop rate and not many from each big possible upside drop like goth/noth/lotl
  13. OP and second post are now updated for fatesands (a little late, sorry--I got busy this weekend!). Included is a short section on artifact drops (bottom of OP). Enjoy!
  14. Despite the fact they are pay to open im guessing because it gives more cresplates they decided the drop rate should be less often. However with it being pay to open if anything drop rate should be increased despite the bigger potential payout.
  15. Trying to get a perspective on the fatesands crestplates. Taking the guide, it is not uncommon to get say 20 fatesands crestplate shards from NotH, which translates to 4 fatesands crestplate.

    Assuming you are going to level 5, each of these crestplate is worth 24t gold, which is a total of 96t for the 20 crestplate shards you get from the eb.

    This 96t is far more than you can get from the eb itself. I was hovering around 2bcs and suddenly shot up to 2.5b, likely through these crestplates.

    So is this really encouraging people to jump clans to get crestplates?

    Also based on the stats, probably better to use gold for the first 2 or 3 levels and the rest with crestplates, where possible, to maximise use of crestplates.
  16. Devs implemented something to prevent hopping for crestplates. Even the mods don't know what the fix was but it definitely seems hopping for plates isn't a good way anymore.
  17. The fix is probably just giving us daily limits. Havent been hopping but havent received any crest plates for 4+ hours and have done 15 NK’s in that time period
  18. For eb rhat ended about 4 hours ago, I opened 2 crux for NotH and xtalled 6 times to get total of 13t gold and 719 actions, but no Hoarfrost artifact.
    My other two alts at eb rank 17/18, did 200 actions with 1.2t gold and got 12 and 15 crest plate shards, effectively getting much more than this account with crux and 719 actions and 6 xtals.