Guide to Crest Plate use

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  1. OR L19->L20 = 1750 plates
  2. Updated, that number looks better. Thanks spivey!
  3. I think some people miscommunicated when submitting values. Rather than mentioning the level they were upgrading to, they mentioned the level that the buildings are currently.

    Ones I can confirm are
    lvl 7 to lvl 8: 175 crests (rather than 300), 17.14b/plate
    lvl 8 to lvl 9: 300 (rather than 500), 16.67b/plate

    Presumably, the same thing happened for upgrading to lvl 10 and 11 (lvl 10 500 plates rather than 550, and lvl 11 550 plates rather than 600), though I can't confirm these atm.
  4. Thanks shadow, not sure how I missed your comment. You are absolutely correct on all points, I checked the l10/11 numbers. Thread has been updated, thanks for checking!
  5. Hey, L15 -> L16 is 1k plates ?
  6. Thanks Spivey, updated again!
  7. Nice thread too bad users had to put in this much work to figure out what Devs already knew and could have communicated.
  8. What do you mean, "this much work"? This is hardly a complicated, in-depth analysis of anything. It's just a compilation of numbers readily available in game. Why on earth should the devs publish these? They've never published any other numbers relevant to the game,or other details. It's always been for the users to document and find out. Which is honestly how it should be.
  9. Updated, all values are now complete. Thanks all who helped contribute values, and those who bumped this thread to help those and other folk see it!
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  13. Updated thread with cumulative crest plate costs, long overdue edit there.
  14. Also updated my reserved slot (first thread reply). Hopefully it'll help some people with farming gold from old tokens. If anyone finds mistakes, please let me know here/on my wall/in pm :) I'll stop bumping now :lol: I'm done.
  15. Upated to add deepmine.

    Fun note: deepmine level 4 strangely breaks the pattern of diminishing returns that all previous crestplates have had. It's worth more gold per token than any other dm levels, including lower levels.
  16. Could add in stat bonus/crestplate for buildings?
  17. Thanks for keeping this updated Thrawn!
  18. Good job.