Guide to Crest Plate use

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  1. Thanks thermo, I'll update when I can!

    To everyone: if you submit costs for OR, I will add them in. It'll be a while if I'm doing it by myself :lol:
  2. Some OR values:

    level 1: 1 plate, 30b/plate
    level 2: 3 plates, 25b/plate
    level 3: 7 plates, 21.43b/plate
    level 4: 15 plates, 20b/plate
    level 5: 25 plates, 20b/plate
    level 6: ???
    level 7: 80 plates, 18.75b/plate

    That's all the info I have.
  3. Lvl 8 is 300 plates, 5t
    Lvl 9 - 500 plates, 7t
  4. Thank you shadow and serious! I'll update when I can get to my computer.
  5. Smh I upgraded an osmon building all the way to 9 yesterday and didnt think to gather the plate costs. Glad others have already got it up to level 9.

    For reference, I made a list of how much each upgrade on osmon costs up to level 11. Rather than individual cost per ugrade I added up the cost of every level up to level 11. I only did this with the Prizmai buildings but Im pretty sure it is the same for all buildings including towers.

    Prizmai Ashtarak
    Level 2 105b
    Level 3 255b
    Level 4 555b
    Level 5 1,055b
    Level 6 1,810b
    Level 7 3,310b
    Level 8 6,310b
    Level 9 11,305b
    Level 10 18,305b
    Level 11 25,805b

    To convert it into trillions just replace comma with a decimal and change b - t for tril.
  6. OP has been updated to reflect the osman rai values known here. Abyss l6 has been corrected. Thanks all!
  7. Lvl 12 600 lvl 14 800 lvl 15 900
  8. Thanks ginger! Updated.
  9. Level 13 is 700
  10. Updated! Thanks zorkay.
  11. Otoh, people who enjoy playing with their builds, say convert towers to attk now that larger lands exist, or correct that accidental def attk bldg, lol... They're gonna be the real happy ones; a 'free' conversion plus some pocket change. Whoohoo.
    Thanks for the guide!
  12. Yeah, I've been enjoying getting a bonus 1b/hf token to put towards abyss/or land personally. A lot of clanmates have been getting the nice drop price and rearranging, but at my size and build I'm quite happy just for useful gold.

    Protip: you can go up to a lv6 building on hf and then drop it for just a hair under 1b/token. It's a lot faster than lv1s, for sure, and gets you just about the same result.
  13. OR L19 = 1500 plates
  14. Updated again! Thanks again spivey!
  15. I have 135 Or plates, need 1500 to upgrade 1 building to 20 so 1500x25 37,500 plates to bc Or lands
    *moon face
  16. Thanks chub! Updated. Interesting that 18->19 and 19->20 are the same, the other lands the gold/token consistently declines.
  17. Ty for your guide found it useful:)
  18. This was much needed information thanks for the thread 
  19. Happy to help  if anyone has info to fill in the last few empty slots, let me know!