Guide to Crest Plate use

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  1. Support. Thank you.
  2. Ty, I was looking for this.
  3. So judging from this data is the best course of action to use these plates up till ~lvl 6 then use gold the rest of the way?
  4. ️Thrown! Cheers bro.
  5. No upgrade them all the way with build tokens. I doubt this will be the only event that gives them. Use gold on Osman and lands.

    Edit just put them all to level 6 and go back and max them later I suppose.
  6. So these build token help to max build?
  7. Yea. Use silver to buy lands
  8. You all do you. What one player deems "worth" will vary from another's. You can get those 900b abyss ugs for "free," or farm lv1's for gold, whatever. Do what fits your play style.

    Is there a mathematically best solution? Yes, there usually is. I haven't done the calculations, but they can be done. But that answer won't make everyone happy with their own use. Follow your heart, and/or wallet.

  9. And there you go the new event gives them too so spend nothing except lands and Osman you're right.
  10. Well KaW ripped me off. i've tried every solution and havent been able to use tokens on any lands
  11. Same emailed them told me reinstall game nothing worked lol.
  12. How do I use them just tried upgrading but it wouldn't work it used my gold
  13. sounds like trouble for other devices ;/... I couldn't use a single one either for diff reasons tho :|
  14. Thanks for this thread. I really appreciate the effort 
  15. Everyone should update their apps. The infrastructure has been in place for a couple weeks now
  16. A mod commented elsewhere that to use tokens, you need to update to the most recent version. That fixed it for several people.
  17. Great guide. Basically, use them for lower level buildings
  18. Looks like they changed Abyss level 5 -> level 6 upgrade to be just as efficient as the previous upgrade, by making it also 40 tokens rather than 50.