Guide to being a successful NOOB.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Ghoomba, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. What the heck are those rainbow creatures!?
  2. Leo's an Elite-Noob
  3. I salute you sir, you truly are a benefit to society ;)
  4. Ghoomba WOULD know this stuff..:
  5. @angel, what darkdemon said.

    @darkdemon, bunchies, get it right son.

    @Murray, and I salute you back 

    @Nikki, blow me
  6. 250
  7. OMG it's back

  8. Dirty way or normal way?
  9. Good answer...
  10.  ur licking ice cream
  11. Tut tut keep it clean lol x
  12. What? Nothing is dirty. Lol
  13. Read it for the first time... Needs to be stickied. Somehow persuaded me to be a noob. 
  14. OMG that is true and funny