Guide To Ally Ownership and Ally Plunder, by tmh v2 Oct2010

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  1. Ty so much helpfull!!!!!
  2. Anyway to sum that up in something really short?
  3. Put all your money into allies until your ally plunder bonus reaches a plateau, THEN upgrade a building, repeat those two steps back and forth. That's about as short as I could convey the basic idea. Or... Just say that if you don't have your ally plunder capped at the max for your build, you're needlessly slowing your development.

    Dont check my allies as an example. I'm doing it exactly wrong, if growth was my agenda.
  4. To much time?
  5. Bump it again. Kaw required reading!
  6. Awesome..thanks for the information. Much appreciated and easy to understand
  7. Bump for the sake of knowledge.
  8. Bump for knowledge's sake
  9. U forgot the d in one of ur buildings lol good job on the forum
  10. Thx it's helped alot 
  11. Tediously long diatribe. Pulling the useful facts out of that is liking pulling teeth (or drawing blood from a stone). Sorry, did I go on too long?
  12. Sooooooooo ur saying coz I do quests I'm a NOOB? I'm not a noob! I hav 15 L3 forges and hav done OVER 235 quests, quests are NOT just for noobs! Sooo u my friend r soooooo wrong!!!!!! 
  13. Any way! Allys r a wast of money in my eyes! I'm happy with my "NOOB" quests which earn me gold WITHOUT annoying any1els on KAW.
  14. Quests are still for noobs. :). But I do them sometimes for nobs. Really though, ally ownership is still hugely important when it comes to actual strength of a kingdom.
  15. o_O this thread was made mere hours before I started playing.