Guide To Ally Ownership and Ally Plunder, by tmh v2 Oct2010

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  1. I have 9.5 bil. (no allies) should I...
    A) get a bunc of 2-3 bil allies
    b) get 5 bil in small allies and spend the rest on upgrade
    c) spend it all on a 700+k ally

    Please give me your input. And for tmh u could answer me directly if you UNBLOCKED ME FROM YOUR WALL!!!!
  2. Please answer
  3. spend all of it on allies. max plunder takes more than 15b in allies, though it seems extreme
  4. Alright, I bought my owner at 9.5 bil.
  5. /me BUMP! \me nice explain!! Thank you!! But waaaay tooo loonggg to get a noob's attention! My fingers hurt from scrolling back up from down!!
  6. I think it means I have a ******-up iPod. O.O
  7. I had about 100k attack from forges was hitting for 2 mil no allies I invested about 1.3 bil in allies and hit for 6-7 mil after. I was making about 4-5 mil from allies
  8. Thanks tmh for this superb guide. I'm at the end of my build soon and this helps someone like me to become even stronger. Great advise Óź†
  9. What allies Shuld I hire first I totally screwed up I don't have enuf money
  10. How du u get so much money to start
  11. Bump for the noobs in our pw who refuse to be at max plunder
  12. ok, i am 16 lands of forges with 350 mill in allies how much more do i need roughly for maxplunder? I make roughly 2 mil allybonus off a osf in a pwar
  13. Your maxP should be achieved when you reach 1.5-3b in allies. Good Luck
  14. Is there any formula to count spy stats bonus for their hire cost? And when should you start taking spy stats into consideration?
  15. ERROR: Im all forge 86k attack not maxed plunder and i get 2.7m allies bonus. So 100k atk from forges should be like 3-4m allies bonus.
    And im 2.7 against a 310k osf
  16. This is awesome thanks for the advice dude